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Note from Katja:

I absolutely adore you! I can’t believe you are on this page! I love you and really appreciate the time it takes to make or send fan mail.
Your presence on social media is the greatest present already. Just being with me on this journey, connecting with me and my music, then sharing it with your family and friends is such an incomparable gift.
In the current state of the world, wasted resources is one of our biggest issues. When some of us have so much, even more people in the world go without basic living resources. Rather than wasting precious resources, please give gifts thoughtfully, to everyone in your life. Or make a donation to your favorite artist or charity in their name.

If you are able to, and would like to help me make more music and get it out to even more people, please consider setting up a monthly subscription.

Thank you – I love you!!!

If you would like to send Katja fan mail or product samples by post, please use this address:

Katja Fan Mail
1600 Vine St Suite 947
Hollywood, CA 90028

Note from Katja’s Management Team:

Please only handwritten letters & artwork, as well as non-perishable & appropriate gifts/vouchers, or product samples.

Note that product samples sent cannot guarantee a post/livestream from Katja.

Any specific gifts you are thinking about, such as equipment, supplies, appliances, high-tech, toys, makeup, clothing, day-to-day living items, kitchen/bathroom items, entertainment, DVDs, books, pet items, costumes etc please clear with us first to ensure the gift is appropriate or not something Katja already owns, so as to not waste resources as this is important to Katja. Just drop us an email first with your idea: or consider sending a cash donation instead: click here to send money via paypal to

Food and perishable items should not be sent, if you wish to assist Katja with her day-to-day living expenses consider setting up a monthly subscription instead, which goes directly to Katja’s personal paypal and her bank account:

Thanks for your support of Katja, we all really appreciate the time you take to invest in your favorite artist!

Katja Management Team


Send Katja an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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