Address to send product samples/gifts:

Katja Glieson
8491 Sunset Blvd #526
West Hollywood, CA 90069

Note from Katja:

My passion is singing, music, comedy and acting! So when I work with brands, that’s always my focus! If you are interested in a brand partnership or collaboration, it has to be something I would love and use in real life! I always want to be authentic. So I’m excited to hear from you!

Thank you – I love you!!!

Please note, sending a gift or product sample does not guarantee a post on Katja’s social media. To receive Katja’s current ‘Rate Card’ and agreement, please email bookings AT to discuss Katja working with your brand/product.


• COLLABORATION RATE: Concepts, ideas and final product are at the sole discretion of the Creator. No submission of content will be made to obtain ‘approval’, all content is subject to Creator’s sole final approval and decision. If a draft is sent to show the video is ready to be posted before final payment is made, no ‘suggestions’ or ‘notes’ will be accepted nor will any reshoots be done. All content will be completely at Creator’s discretion, unless booked at a full ‘Commercial Rate’. 

• COMMERCIAL RATE: If you require a specific concept or script, want to have content sent in for approval, have a round of optional ‘notes’ or changes or just generally want to control the overall content, this is considered a ‘commercial’ not a collaboration, and is charged at a higher rate. Please contact for pricing if you want this option.

• Your product/brand/song will be included in the plot/concept of video, photo or other produced final product (as specified on your invoice), and your company or product @ tag will be used in the caption OR posted under appropriate sound.

• No affiliate links or ‘promo codes’ will be offered as part of the post in the caption. No ‘link in bio’ in caption, and no bio link will be changed (without extra fee). Caption content at sole discretion of Creator, apart from a tag back to your product/company along with an optional #HASHTAG. For ‘Commercial Rate’ bookings, you can request a specific caption, however, we highly recommend leaving it up to the Creator as they are the expert in what will maximize engagement and virality. Hashtags are not recommended for song promos.

• 50% of total fee due at time of booking, 50% payable after video/photo is ready to be posted. No video or photo will be posted without full payment in advance. You can pay full amount at any time to forgo deposit process. No content will be made until a deposit is received.

• If product is sent to be included in project, final video/photo will be ready up to 2 weeks after receipt of product in mail. Otherwise, it will be up to 2 weeks from receipt of 50% deposit. Earlier post dates can possibly be accommodated, but not guaranteed.

• No period of ‘exclusivity’ with your brand/product is included in price, unless separately agreed to

• No reposting of produced content on any other platform or traditional media without prior permission. A license is not granted to you for content produced, unless otherwise agreed (for an additional fee). Creator’s name/voice/image is protected and all intellectual property remains owned by Hollywood Pacific LLC/creator.

• You cannot reassign this agreement to a 3rd party, and failure to pay within 2 weeks of agreement will nullify agreement

• This agreement is confidential, and all details of said agreement should not be shared or discussed with 3rd parties or publicly. All conduct with Creator will be professional/polite and all enquiries/communication be  submitted to Creator’s represenation as detailed on your invoice/statement.

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