1. gerdus.joubert 7 years ago

    Yoh them onesies on fleek with @amandacerny

  2. erzamlinaku 7 years ago

    Im so sad righr now About Amanda and Lele. Amanda u dont need to care about lele. Hope this will go over. I love you so mucj whatever happens to you dont forget that ILY @amandacerny

  3. daniel.he3 7 years ago

    That kanji

  4. isabellecalapar_ 7 years ago

    @erzamlinaku very nice saied!!

  5. erzamlinaku 7 years ago

    I do this for amanda i love her and she is everything for me I LOVE HER SO MUCH @isa.muzic68

  6. isabellecalapar_ 7 years ago

    @erzamlinaku mee too. Though i cant believe what Lele did

  7. isabellecalapar_ 7 years ago

    @erzamlinaku oooh by the way! Amanda likes my comments and answered me several time

  8. erzamlinaku 7 years ago

    Yes i just cant belive lele is not a good friend… i love you @amandacerny @isa.muzic68

  9. erzamlinaku 7 years ago

    She liked my coments too look up and see @isa.muzic68

  10. erzamlinaku 7 years ago

    She answered u?? I hope she will answer to me too @isa.muzic68 @amandacerny

  11. destinationwolf 7 years ago


  12. christian_mal 7 years ago

    You’re the best!!

  13. mbharoochi 7 years ago

    @suhail_desai69 found her

  14. 55abeto 7 years ago

    Love your smile

  15. isabellecalapar_ 7 years ago

    aww haha thank you! Love you @amandacerny @erzamlinaku yes. It is amazing she does thay! Not everyone answeres the comments

  16. erzamlinaku 7 years ago

    I hope she will text to me on my birthday its in 18 February i really hope she text that what i want for birthday i will ne happy more than happy @amandacerny @isa.muzic68

  17. madxag 7 years ago

    Charming girl

  18. isabellecalapar_ 7 years ago

    @erzamlinaku oh my birthday is 14. January. But i hope so too for U!

  19. erzamlinaku 7 years ago


  20. bennybonestattooman 7 years ago

    Best wishes to you beautiful brilliant ladies!!

  21. bennybonestattooman 7 years ago

    & love your jammies

  22. likeslikes12343 7 years ago

    U girls look amaZang

  23. _yasmine07 7 years ago

    Witch state r u from witch Aussie state (I’m Melbourne)

  24. katjaglieson 7 years ago

    @hevalishot Melbourne too!

  25. _yasmine07 7 years ago

    Same @katjaglieson

  26. _yasmine07 7 years ago

    Omg so cool️ @katjaglieson

  27. erzamlinaku 7 years ago

    Where are u And amanda from? Im from Finland! @katjaglieson @amandacerny

  28. kaneshaa.11 7 years ago

    Thx for the follow

  29. xoxo.anu 7 years ago

    I love you @katjaglieson

  30. xoxo.anu 7 years ago

    Sucha a pretty stuff you’re@katjaglieson

  31. kimberleygiam 7 years ago

    @katjaglieson omg same

  32. gronbergjanette 7 years ago

    I love you and amanda @amandacerny

  33. this.aussie.swiftie 7 years ago

    @katjaglieson im from melbourne too

  34. taha.ramadan.90 7 years ago

    Waaaaaw for #2

  35. _sorayaa___ 7 years ago

    @katjaglieson ️

  36. charlottegkennedy 7 years ago

    Are you really sisters

  37. jade.vids 7 years ago

    Aww so cute!

  38. akash_yadav07 7 years ago

    Nd youuu both️️

  39. rinkut7765 7 years ago


  40. _evil._.genius_ 7 years ago

    That smile 1 Millon’s base

  41. _sorayaa___ 7 years ago

    Awww so cute !! @katjaglieson @amandacerny

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