1. mariamroshdyy_ 3 years ago

    @ibrahim_satilmis_ alakk wez mee hqa teih yefdahna bss?

  2. ibrahim_satilmis_ 3 years ago

    @mariamroshdyy_ mesh fahm ana eh dah

  3. muhamed_elsamoly 3 years ago

    We love shady

  4. mariamroshdyy_ 3 years ago

    @ibrahim_satilmis_ dahh khara esmuu kharaa

  5. ibrahim_satilmis_ 3 years ago

    @mariamroshdyy_ tab walahy haram el byhsal dah

  6. najjar.homs 3 years ago

    هوا بيحصل ايه هنا but anyway great job

  7. distefanojon45 3 years ago

    Great video

  8. distefanojon45 3 years ago

    Why don’t you vlog

  9. distefanojon45 3 years ago

    Seema like you quit vlogging

  10. maleksaftawy 3 years ago

    Wiz me

  11. chata_outlaw 3 years ago

    Perfectly beautiful

  12. __melanie__r 3 years ago

    Katja please check your dms

  13. khaled_yousry25 3 years ago

    The is good nice

  14. mohamed.abdelazem_4 3 years ago


  15. ibraheem.abozeed 3 years ago

    @semsemelsaied شوف ابن الشرموطه

  16. semsemelsaied 3 years ago

    @ibraheem.abozeed احاااااا وصل العالميه خلاص

  17. semsemelsaied 3 years ago

    @ibraheem.abozeed احاااااا وصل العالميه خلاص

  18. eronaaselimi 3 years ago


  19. johnsan120001 3 years ago

    All your videos are very different….. And looks very good……..!!!!!!!@katjaglieson

  20. hind.nawar 3 years ago

    Haha auch dieses Ägypterenglisch merkt das aber offensichtlich nicht @laura.elr

  21. nxbeel4 3 years ago


  22. nxbeel4 3 years ago

    @omar.drsh the only thing that gives me hope in continuing my career is me seeing @shadysrour filming with @katjaglieson lmfao

  23. ahmeddhanyy 3 years ago

    Run faster u can baby

  24. taraateff 3 years ago

    @rioamg al accent 3nd al aganb msh bthm 3ndk al al accent al hindi aw balash di al accent al emirati hya al hindi wi m3rof 3nhon al english al tmam kdn , al fkra fi al w7twa wi aly by2dmo bs msh akter

  25. hzooomz 3 years ago

    @fatimaghareep_ ما يظحك

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