A #behindthescenes shot on set filming the #princessrapbattle http://bit.ly/princessrapbattle #slate #clapper #filming #set #princess #elsa #disney #rapping #rapbattle #rap #singing #performance #makingof #musicvideo #comedy #blonde #bts #frozen #disneyrapbattle #reallifeelsa #redhair #onset #hollywood

A shot on set filming the http://bit.ly/princessrapbattle

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  1. anna_bogacka 10 years ago

    So beautiful

  2. bichitoshiznat 10 years ago


  3. bexmarie 10 years ago

    Love it!

  4. ruzz_tee 10 years ago

    Best epic rap battle ever

  5. julie.lai 10 years ago


  6. lynnzhiii 10 years ago

    @julie.lai the song de hor??

  7. paupol51 10 years ago

    You are very beautiful and talented

  8. julie.lai 10 years ago

    @lynnzhiii yes, the link I tagged you on Facebook dy

  9. julielovato2 10 years ago

    I love your song

  10. julielovato2 10 years ago

    When it’s gunna release

  11. lynnzhiii 10 years ago

    @julie.lai I’ll go watch it as soon as I open it with laptop kayyyy :bb

  12. moviedudeinla 10 years ago

    @katjaglieson Bery cool

  13. katjaglieson 10 years ago

    Hey @julielovato2 it’s already out on YouTube sorry I know u can’t see it but I think Whitney Avalon put it up on iTunes so u can hear it

  14. katjaglieson 10 years ago

    Just do a search in iTunes with her name @julielovato2

  15. julielovato2 10 years ago

    I did hear it it’s amazing your voice is like an angle

  16. sanyiafun 10 years ago

    I watch this like every day

  17. barbsqqq 10 years ago

    You are awesome♥

  18. meya_xoxo_bae 10 years ago

    @katjagliesoni I love that rap

  19. mzjadee46 10 years ago

    Never tired of this rap battle. Epic!=)

  20. ashy3368 10 years ago

    I love that video it was amazing

  21. fishtits94 10 years ago

    Literally the only female rap voice I like *tips fedora* you go glen coco

  22. katjaglieson 10 years ago

    @swegfish94 hahaha thanks I love #meangirls!

  23. katjaglieson 10 years ago

    @ashley_boudreau @mzjadee46 @meya_xoxo_bae @barbsqqq @thecuteladybug @_hollymayxx thank u all for your nice comments and I’m glad u like the #princessrapbattle !

  24. ashy3368 10 years ago

    Your welcome

  25. meya_xoxo_bae 10 years ago

    @katjaglieson thanks you for replying

  26. mzjadee46 10 years ago

  27. fishtits94 10 years ago

    Definitely something I quote way too much haha

  28. sanyiafun 10 years ago

    @katjaglieson your welcome and you are awesome

  29. filixjanea 10 years ago

    I saw your rap you are so cool

  30. syriasara 10 years ago


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