1. Robyne Derksen 8 years ago

    You look absolutely amazing,I’m not doing anything accept working on getting well…..

  2. Kelly Jones 8 years ago

    BBQ chicken in the oven and a few corona’s

  3. Julian Castorena 8 years ago

    Yasssssssss Queen!!!!

  4. Holden Lai 8 years ago

    Ayyyyeeee let’s go kick it!

  5. Aldo Meta 8 years ago

    Gorgeous picture

  6. Home with my daughter

  7. stunning, so beautiful <3 gorgeous <3

    im writing poems, song lyrics, etc... 🙂 studying theatre and acting. 🙂

  8. Andrew Wiskow 8 years ago

    Same answer as always… working… 🙁

  9. Byron A. Wozgen 8 years ago

    If only I could be there with you,so much of LA I haven’t seen but would love to have you as my tour guide!

  10. Douglas E Menke 8 years ago

    Patron with a hint of habenero, however it’s spelled…

  11. Damien Hall 8 years ago

    Wishing I could take you out to a movie then maybe dancing

  12. Julie Jackson 8 years ago

    Dance comps and more dance comps!

  13. Neil Flick 8 years ago

    Watching frozen

  14. Meena Hassan 8 years ago


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