1. dhdrecords 7 years ago

    Omg…what a style!

  2. emma_davis2006 7 years ago


  3. hgdwgh 7 years ago

    Come whit me to the future 2227

  4. hector.albarado 7 years ago


  5. iahmedmajid 7 years ago


  6. roadrunnerfm2 7 years ago


  7. naazamirx 7 years ago

  8. alexaaaaaa_vm 7 years ago

    Omg sowww prety

  9. m.s.j.b.9080 7 years ago


  10. 3liassihvo 7 years ago

    Haters say she’s a skeleton, well *guess* again.

  11. jojo_16_11 7 years ago

    Both cutie

  12. stuartkent1 7 years ago

    Love that picture of you there

  13. violet_ferrel 7 years ago

    happy halloween

  14. vdhtraining 7 years ago


  15. ivopito 7 years ago

    Can I make a commercial with @guess?

  16. lovesandhu246 7 years ago

    You are only in the world so beautiful

  17. lovesandhu246 7 years ago

    I love you

  18. kamakani_thomas 7 years ago

    MINE! hey you sad GUESS. I’m guessing you’re mine. LOL

  19. itsproshahzad7 7 years ago

    thunder, Thunder, feel the thunder, Lightning then the thunder

  20. ectwins 7 years ago

    you be in LA this Saturday? We are performing at a huge SONY MUSIC release party, this Saturday, a carpet event at @unicicasa it’s going to be an amazing night, it’s a “black theme” and everyone who is anyone, in LA is gonna be there. DM us if you’re in town, so we can add you to the VIP / RED CARPET list. You’ll love it!

  21. winston_stetson 6 years ago

    @katjaglieson Whad it do Gangsta. I sincerely appreciate the tips you provided for a successful life your Dope.

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