Behind the scenes on the set for the Princess Rap Battle! Watch here: #princessrapbattle #princess #onset #shooting #filming #elsa #frozen #behindthescenes #bts #makingof #hollywood #life #camera #video #take #shot #merida #tiana

Behind the scenes on the set for the Princess Rap Battle! Watch here:

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  1. katuskat 10 years ago

    Prettiest Elsa ever!

  2. katjaglieson 10 years ago

    @katuskat ❤️thank u!

  3. oreoslave 10 years ago

    Makes me freeze.!.!.!.!

  4. katjaglieson 10 years ago


  5. bichitoshiznat 10 years ago

    it’s not funniest, if the princesses above the boxes, or footwear elsa

  6. scotty_rsr_58 10 years ago

    Laughed my ass off, thank you !!

  7. cc_wing_cc 10 years ago

    Coolest Elsa ever 🙂

  8. katjaglieson 10 years ago

    @scotty_rsr_58 @cc_wing_cc thank u!

  9. cherrysmilezz 10 years ago

    You’re so pretty! 🙂

  10. julielovato2 10 years ago

    U look just like Elsa

  11. adaly.dallas 10 years ago


  12. katjaglieson 10 years ago

    @cherrysmilezz @julielovato2 @xd_me_xd thank u! ❤️

  13. haphan2101 10 years ago

    Love the fliplops. Lol.

  14. you_are_cool__ 10 years ago

    You look pretty

  15. molly_misfit 10 years ago

    I knew it was you!! Haha

  16. paupol51 10 years ago

    Great outfit

  17. charlotte_heffer 10 years ago

    You look amazing as always @katjaglieson 🙂 iv download this and #HotMess and there saved onto my phone x

  18. laughhhing 10 years ago

    you are so cool and so cute⛄

  19. gt_ijohn 10 years ago

    So pretty

  20. katjaglieson 10 years ago

    @haphan2101 lol u can take the girl out of Australia but u can’t take Australia out of the girl #trueblue xxx

  21. katjaglieson 10 years ago

    @molly_misfit ahhh u caught me ❤️

  22. katjaglieson 10 years ago

    @paupol51 thanks Hun x

  23. katjaglieson 10 years ago

    @laughhhing why thank u it’s hard to keep ur “cool” with princess’ spitting shade, but I feel I handled it well #possibleangerissues #kidding

  24. katjaglieson 10 years ago

    @gt_ijohn thank u sweetie

  25. paupol51 10 years ago

    Can I get a follow on twitter? You used to follow me but don’t anymore. I loved posting for you

  26. miss_moo_moo 10 years ago

    Lmao I loved this so much babes been showing all of my friends how AMAZING you TRULEY are miss u sooo much come home soon babe ❤️

  27. gt_ijohn 10 years ago

    Your welcome beautiful you had me here for anything i can

  28. paupol51 10 years ago

    Thank you

  29. hanson_lau_cn 10 years ago

    Love you and you’re so talented!Your rap video has been broadcasted in China and we like it!

  30. katjaglieson 10 years ago

    @hanson_lau_cn that’s exciting! I’m glad you guys like it!

  31. kayleighrxid 10 years ago

    I know all your parts to the video haha☺️ I can’t stop singing it

  32. jcr77 10 years ago

    That was hilarious! I love the faces you made. Actress??

  33. katjaglieson 10 years ago

    @jcr77 yes but mainly a recording artist

  34. katjaglieson 10 years ago

    @kayl3ighh_ that is so awesome!!

  35. prtyvu 10 years ago

    Hi Katja! Just wanted to let you know that the rap battle was hilarious

  36. travixoxo 10 years ago

    Youre a motherfucking queen :p on the video

  37. chiuci_sama 10 years ago

    My fiends have seen the video and sand you their compliments 😀

  38. neelis1983 10 years ago

    Love the video! Compliments to all involved, it’s hilarious and clever!

  39. jesulih 10 years ago

    @katjaglieson this battle was great! 🙂

  40. rafaa.ella 10 years ago

    Love the video!!

  41. morganjoy424 10 years ago

    I’m obsessed with yooou♥️♥️♥️

  42. emilyburden 10 years ago

    This was so funny!!

  43. lostnny 9 years ago

    Love you #Elsa

  44. nrenneker 9 years ago

    In that rap battle u 100,000,000% won

  45. katjaglieson 9 years ago

    So glad u guys are having a good laugh from the vid!

  46. xx_larajayne_xx 9 years ago

    Love the rap xx u rocked it @katjaglieson

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