1. nataliaisabellem profile image
    nataliaisabellem 4 years ago

    When you’re the big sister and you’re parents say you’re babysitting tonight

  2. _stranger_things18 profile image
    _stranger_things18 4 years ago

    you have such beautiful eyes,hair,shape and form love you katja

  3. bosoxgirl007 profile image
    bosoxgirl007 4 years ago

    When you have diarrhea but fckin overalls

  4. drxxpy.mia profile image
    drxxpy.mia 4 years ago

    @stanislaussalve7 boyfriends be like

  5. a_d_a_m_k_i_n_g profile image
    a_d_a_m_k_i_n_g 4 years ago

    When your about to go out and your parents say you can’t go

  6. lillykupersmit profile image
    lillykupersmit 4 years ago

    Omg katja liked my comment!! I love you so much it would mean the world to me if you followed me. Either way, I love you

  7. a_d_a_m_k_i_n_g profile image
    a_d_a_m_k_i_n_g 4 years ago

    When dinners on you and you find out that you brought no money

  8. stanislaussalve7 profile image
    stanislaussalve7 4 years ago

    Hehehehhehehheheheh @drxxpy.mia

  9. cadencehubbard5255 profile image
    cadencehubbard5255 4 years ago

    When you have a nip slip

  10. pwarren_14 profile image
    pwarren_14 4 years ago

    When you realize you forgot your phone one a road trip with your family

  11. emily_nr3759 profile image
    emily_nr3759 4 years ago

    When you realize your dating your brothers bff

  12. artistically.faye profile image
    artistically.faye 4 years ago

    It’s elsa from Disney rap battle!!!!!!

  13. miami_jake profile image
    miami_jake 4 years ago

    Caption? “That’s going where?”

  14. jballer0104 profile image
    jballer0104 4 years ago

    Them eyes damnnnn

  15. hidalgokeith profile image
    hidalgokeith 4 years ago

    When he comes over for a netxlif and chill sesh and he actually wants to just chill lol

  16. my_self_abdullah_ profile image
    my_self_abdullah_ 4 years ago

    Ur eyes

  17. torie.marsden profile image
    torie.marsden 4 years ago

    That moment you realise….that kat is gorgeous and deserves the world ️️️️

  18. emays_2805 profile image
    emays_2805 4 years ago

    When you realize that you left your phone at home (putting phone in bra)

  19. nicole.maclachlan profile image
    nicole.maclachlan 4 years ago

    That moment in class when your strict math teacher says:”Alright kids get out your homework!”And yours isn’t done!!(happens to me alot)

  20. enremily2549 profile image
    enremily2549 4 years ago

    When you realize someone famous followed u and someone deletes your insta Happend to me..

  21. _the_little_unicorn_ profile image
    _the_little_unicorn_ 4 years ago

    When you realise you are looking on fleek but you have no plans… @katjaglieson

  22. graceelizabethbrooks profile image
    graceelizabethbrooks 4 years ago

    When u realize u just crapped your pants

  23. ahmedjqasrawi profile image
    ahmedjqasrawi 4 years ago

    Number 1

  24. wtftriana 4 years ago


  25. gypsyvibesart 4 years ago

    @katjaglieson When ur lighting is on point

  26. felipecastillo928 3 years ago

    Kailey is way hotter! Dont be jealous

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