1. mahawii_16 7 years ago

    U look sleepy and like that so much

  2. electra_eric1 7 years ago

    You are perfect

  3. love this!

  4. bubbasmiley2 7 years ago

    how bou dat? love this pic!

  5. mariosworld98 7 years ago

    You have something white on your face

  6. johnbo13 7 years ago

    Give me the time and place lol

  7. robertr1967 7 years ago

    when you do juice shots with style and always look marvelous darling @KatjaGlieson OXOXOXO “there’s something in the air tonight, Fernando” cause @KatjaGlieson is in the room

  8. david_c_rollins 7 years ago

    Luv ya

  9. opalshores16 7 years ago

    @katjaglieson I love your accent! Are you British? Because I love British people like you! Your awesome and I love you so much, and I have so much respect for you️️️️️️️️️️️️

  10. official.slothfreak 7 years ago

    One word for you. BEAUTIFUL. Seriously, if i could meet you i would give you the slowest hug. I also can’t wait for more music to be released! So excited. LOVE YOU. STAY SLOW

  11. official.slothfreak 7 years ago


  12. samking_17 7 years ago

    Ew b

  13. hollandinho 7 years ago

    What y’all drinkin?

  14. iqroopbainz 7 years ago


  15. lennysaram 7 years ago

    my girl

  16. katjaglieeson 7 years ago

    Gorg. How many times can i say urgorg cuz u are

  17. josephd949 7 years ago

    Haha love

  18. selimtunao 7 years ago

    will you marry me ️

  19. selimtunao 7 years ago

    will you marry me️ @katjaglieson

  20. selimtunao 7 years ago

    BENİMLE EVLEN @katjaglieson

  21. selimtunao 7 years ago

    will you marry me ️

  22. jb_malik_eleanor 7 years ago


  23. jb_malik_eleanor 7 years ago

    Love you

  24. kung_phu 7 years ago

    Babe ️

  25. n35foote 7 years ago

    Are you real? Your an angel very beautiful love your voice

  26. brisdan 7 years ago

    Ha ha crazy town alright your a full bag but totally awesome at the same time. Show them Americans how awesome we are !!!!

  27. arran_parkinson 7 years ago

    Ride the wave vid was awesome

  28. katjaglieson 7 years ago

    @arran_parkinson thank u for liking my music video! #ridethewave

  29. priincessceline 7 years ago


  30. fabriziocoppelli 7 years ago

    Hey I think I saw you at 1600 vine for the super bowl? Possible?! @katjaglieson

  31. bunnyangelz 7 years ago

    Ah pretty :DDD

  32. _elif_korkut_ 7 years ago

    Haha love you

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