1. lakingsfan82 8 years ago


  2. rossrrussell 8 years ago

    So many people miss that video, but I know it’s in my heart @katjaglieson

  3. binda676 8 years ago

    Kit Kat!!! it lol

  4. crashinburnin 8 years ago

    You’re purrfect!

  5. loganbarber_ 8 years ago

    Awww cute

  6. holden_mac_groin 8 years ago

    My nephews get a kick when my phone goes off!

  7. alexia_brink 8 years ago

    Super cute!! ILY SM

  8. bubbasmiley2 8 years ago

    Too cute!

  9. emergensy 8 years ago

    I literally thought about that video of u dancing when I saw this filter

  10. vandatkid 8 years ago

    Snapchat name

  11. traz_mc82 8 years ago

    Wow! Look at those big, beautiful blue eyes

  12. h3avy_metal 8 years ago

    what’s up

  13. robertr1967 8 years ago

    ^11 cutest and most lovable videos ever , @KatjaGlieson with a bonus celebrity endorsement Wolffang Puck Signature Butternut Squash

  14. sandyclaytonn 8 years ago

    Cute one

  15. nastia_kolovarsky 8 years ago

    How okd are you? when were you born?

  16. winston_1982 8 years ago


  17. inlovejessjess 8 years ago

    I love you

  18. silkibabe36 8 years ago

    Thank you so much for following me I love you and you look so cute katja

  19. shantellebecker 8 years ago

    That’s a awesome pic i followed you on here and Live me I’m on Live me by shantelle972

  20. moonlightsbaby 8 years ago

    my friend unf u on this acc oml i just followed back i love you

  21. kittykatja.fan 8 years ago

    Please follow my own account @_carmela_xoxo_ and that will make my day so happy 🙂 :)… I U @katjaglieson

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