1. distefanojon45 7 years ago

    Bring back ur vlogs and live stream

  2. maddi.brady 7 years ago

    Unforgettable by French Montana

  3. musapaul559 7 years ago


  4. joyful_earthling 7 years ago

    Don’t worry be happy

  5. anyamaerel 7 years ago

    Come thru, and I might just do something new for you

  6. rachelmueller4 7 years ago

    Love me like you do

  7. charlibearrr 7 years ago

    Would you still love me the same / forgot the title

  8. mersaydesweaves 7 years ago

    Red by @taylorswift

  9. itsproshahzad7 7 years ago

    And I have to be honest with you baby, Tell me if I’m wrong, and this is crazy, But I got you this rose, And I need to know, Will you let it die or let it grow? Die or let it go?

  10. thaaals_ 7 years ago

    Come thru, and i might just do something new for u

  11. thewantedzer0 7 years ago

    I don’t want to cry I don’t to cry anymore

  12. why.notmaddie 7 years ago

    @itsproshahzad7 ok is it weird I was thinking the same thing..??

  13. itsproshahzad7 7 years ago

    @why.notmaddie it means you are in mendes army too

  14. imemilio_fg_06 7 years ago

    Taylor swify Red

  15. amandajimenez3460 7 years ago

    This is what i want to look like in the winter

  16. amandajimenez3460 7 years ago


  17. peachie_em 7 years ago

    You’re amazing

  18. peachie_em 7 years ago

    Hvnt stopped playing your song

  19. lucicuchimendezh 7 years ago

    You look like Camila Cabello is the new Havana song .p.

  20. _taylorswiftownsme_ 7 years ago


  21. imlexyrose 7 years ago

    gorgeous babe!!

  22. sydneekamrud7334 7 years ago

    You are so cute .

  23. sheldon.haley 7 years ago

    Red Taylor swift

  24. ahmtaliaslan 7 years ago


  25. joseph_naffah 7 years ago

    Yes won on this day in Australia you should be proud @katjaglieson

  26. fadi_d3as 6 years ago

    tylor swift red

  27. milag_the_ratbag 6 years ago


  28. reddie.4.life 6 years ago

    Come thru

  29. 1st.place.bay 6 years ago


  30. mohammadz2079 6 years ago

    @chiaracelestebattistessa Chiara sie erinnert mich an dich. Sie sieht so ähnlich wie du aus. Hahahahahaha

  31. @mohammadz2079 nur ein bisschen schöner, nur ein bisschen ahahha

  32. mohammadz2079 6 years ago

    @chiaracelestebattistessa hahaha nene überhaupt das Gesicht, die Schönheit. Ich schwöre gleiche. Nur bißchen unterscheid. Sonst das Gesichtsform und…alles wie du.

  33. @mohammadz2079 dann muss ich mir bedanken ahahah

  34. mohammadz2079 6 years ago

    @chiaracelestebattistessa hahaha ok

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