1. rossrrussell 8 years ago

    You look amazing everywhere you go @katjaglieson

  2. onlychance9 8 years ago

    But.. The Heart remains the same. @katjaglieson

  3. phoenixvegan 8 years ago

    Welcome back. How long are you back for? Hope the weather is good for you @katjaglieson

  4. x_kla_x 8 years ago

    Are u in Melbourne?? Xx @katja

  5. kkkitchin 8 years ago

    Are you home home ?

  6. bubbasmiley2 8 years ago

    Hope you are having an amazing time love! *big hugs*

  7. enrico_de_filippo 8 years ago

    I had just another heart attack

  8. david_c_rollins 8 years ago

    Hey beautiful , I got to get down there once before I die .

  9. petey140 8 years ago

    Wow beautiful picture of you Katja hope you’re doing good

  10. barretong_ 8 years ago


  11. skysduhlimit 8 years ago

    Extremely beautiful! Love the blonde locks.

  12. bunnyangelz 8 years ago


  13. kaileymaurer 8 years ago


  14. rossrrussell 8 years ago

    Your eyes look like galaxies @katjaglieson, and I love it!!!

  15. paupizza 8 years ago

    Safe travel home honey!!! Was soooo amazing seeing you!!!

  16. adamjay103 8 years ago

    @katjaglieson well now I know why I’ve always wanted an Aussie! Those eyes are most…WOW, but I’m sure you knew that. Even better is being as sweet as you are cute, can’t say that about everyone

  17. katycoffey_ 8 years ago

    So pretty

  18. reeaz10 8 years ago


  19. kayla_joanne98 8 years ago


  20. julielovato2 8 years ago

    I miss you so much

  21. Looking hot babe @katjaglieson ️

  22. david_c_rollins 8 years ago

    We need another pic it’s been a couple of days

  23. archangel_t9000 8 years ago


  24. gypsyromance_ 8 years ago

    You are absolutely stunning lady! @katjaglieson

  25. moonlightbaetia 8 years ago


  26. bunnyangelz 8 years ago

    Pretty Katja :3

  27. xa.tayy 8 years ago


  28. xa.tayy 8 years ago


  29. xa.tayy 8 years ago


  30. mslatifasherifa 8 years ago


  31. gabestadelbacher 7 years ago

    Those eyes

  32. _katiaguilera 7 years ago


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