1. johnjtthomas 9 years ago

    Try hiking Mt Baldy

  2. katjaglieson 9 years ago

    @johnjtthomas but but won’t I lose my hair? And dear lord what would my dog look like if that happened? Bahahahaha

  3. camijulaine 9 years ago

    LOVE Runyon!!!

  4. johnjtthomas 9 years ago

    Fortunately, no, dork. And perhaps the only thing worse than a bald dog is a bald cat. Those things just look weird!

  5. lara.jayne 9 years ago

    Look perf

  6. rideordie824 9 years ago

    Do you ever make it up to sacramento? @katjaglieson

  7. harut__ 9 years ago

    Let’s run!

  8. its_jess_xox 9 years ago

    Please follow me zx

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