1. braderz_416 8 years ago

    Ur amazing

  2. iz_xiv 8 years ago

    Ur my idol, ILY

  3. petemccormick22 8 years ago

    Will do @katjaglieson …just gonna get me some shoulders first!

  4. ashfizz 8 years ago

    Omg how are all of you fitting in that car together?

  5. kelianne1234 8 years ago

    @ashfizz we are all cuddling in the back

  6. jdfoote 8 years ago

    Selfie game strong

  7. jovverfortuno 8 years ago

    @ashfizz @kelianne1234 @i.am.undaunted #BackSeatPimpin #CuddleBuddies

  8. hartleyfunk 8 years ago

    Have an awesome time guys!

  9. corey543210 8 years ago

    You’re kinda hot, but shhhh…. Don’t tell anyone I said that!

  10. michaelkayemusic 8 years ago

    The Funky Bunch

  11. shauntanner83 8 years ago

    So cool to ride with you during the periscope live stream

  12. ascoldasfrozen 8 years ago

    Car rides my favourite! Wish it was with everyone in this car! @katjaglieson @jovverfortuno @kelianne1234 @i.am.undaunted #Ben

  13. kkkitchin 8 years ago

    So much fun watching that periscope

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