#HavingFun at the #SocialSlamSelfieAwards can’t wait to take this baby for a ride in real life #GoCart #drive #speedway #lookout #crazydriver #BehindTheWheel #crazy #popstar #celebrity #denim #jumpsuit #vip #blonde #aussie #la #hollywood

at the can't wait to take this baby for a ride in real life

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  1. katjaglieson 9 years ago

    #speedzone #GetOutOfTheWay #beep @speedzonela

  2. bichitoshiznat 9 years ago

    I’m dying to see her driving it.

  3. gt_ijohn 9 years ago

    Amazing 🙂

  4. julielovato2 9 years ago


  5. julielovato2 9 years ago

    Hey katja do u like black henna ink u can check it I just posted my mom henna ink that I made on her

  6. grace_wzm 9 years ago


  7. paupol51 9 years ago

    Lets race

  8. princessprune 9 years ago

    Too cute!

  9. speedzonela 9 years ago

    It was a pleasure meeting you! Thanks for stopping by and we hope you come racing back again real soon

  10. ichosethepuglife 9 years ago

    Pull over! You’re under arrest for being too beautiful!

  11. arch_angel115 9 years ago

    @ichosethepuglife LOL

  12. ichosethepuglife 9 years ago

    Cheesy as all hell I know @arch_angel115 but in person when your talking over coffee face to face to her she’s gorgeous

  13. ichosethepuglife 9 years ago


  14. arch_angel115 9 years ago

    @ichosethepuglife YEH she is gorgeous (not met her face to face though sadly)

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