1. trevonemystery profile image
    trevonemystery 5 years ago

    Love u

  2. trevonemystery profile image
    trevonemystery 5 years ago

    And u r so beautiful

  3. katjagliesonstreetteam profile image

    Have fun!!!

  4. trevonemystery profile image
    trevonemystery 5 years ago

    Stay cute and wild harley

  5. shauntannerphotography profile image

    Well played!

  6. cassiescerbo profile image
    cassiescerbo 5 years ago

    ON. POINT!

  7. robertr1967 profile image
    robertr1967 5 years ago

    Slay❣️@KatjaGlieson and with all those on your bat ; ready to do some ghostbusting from @streamLiveMe

  8. victoriantonelli profile image
    victoriantonelli 5 years ago


  9. lauren_allison_ profile image
    lauren_allison_ 5 years ago

    Looking just like #harleyquinn

  10. itjustindoe profile image
    itjustindoe 5 years ago


  11. maan__b profile image
    maan__b 5 years ago

    You became her

  12. spionchen1 profile image
    spionchen1 5 years ago

    Looking great!!

  13. holden_mac_groin profile image
    holden_mac_groin 5 years ago

    Margot Robbie’s Stunt Double

  14. sweetlikecaandy profile image
    sweetlikecaandy 5 years ago


  15. brinnnicole profile image
    brinnnicole 5 years ago

    Perfect for you! ️

  16. candydua profile image
    candydua 5 years ago

    Hi!!!! Thanks for following me!

  17. igd._ profile image
    igd._ 5 years ago


  18. _zackhall_ profile image
    _zackhall_ 5 years ago

    Probably the only person that I’ve seen to actually pull this off

  19. abbswabys profile image
    abbswabys 5 years ago


  20. winston_1982 profile image
    winston_1982 5 years ago

    Excellent! Nailed it!

  21. sarah.leuen profile image
    sarah.leuen 5 years ago

    Omgg yess

  22. yourfrenchie profile image
    yourfrenchie 5 years ago

    This is AWESOME @katjaglieson Beauty as always and very look alike Harley Quinn

  23. deaddoggchrisler profile image
    deaddoggchrisler 5 years ago

    Um damnbb

  24. kricc_gang profile image
    kricc_gang 5 years ago

    Marry me , awsome costume you really pull it off

  25. mikemorley73 profile image
    mikemorley73 5 years ago

    Come on hit me over the head lol

  26. mslatifasherifa profile image
    mslatifasherifa 5 years ago

    Aww love you

  27. katjaglieeson profile image
    katjaglieeson 5 years ago

    Youre way prettier than harley quinn

  28. thechancetrahan profile image
    thechancetrahan 5 years ago

    You make an epic Quinn!!!

  29. sburke007 profile image
    sburke007 5 years ago


  30. phil_h_mittleider profile image
    phil_h_mittleider 5 years ago

    Should’ve cast u as Harley Quinn tbh

  31. sammydijkgraaf profile image
    sammydijkgraaf 5 years ago

    love your harley quin look cutiie

  32. distefanojon45 profile image
    distefanojon45 5 years ago

    Hell ya

  33. kittykatja.fan profile image
    kittykatja.fan 5 years ago


  34. jay_olsen21 profile image
    jay_olsen21 5 years ago

    Love it

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