1. official.slothfreak_ 7 years ago

    You are an angel sent straight from heaven by the lord himself. Love you so much katja!! @katjaglieson

  2. Soooooo awesome photo x100 photo only the picture can not be better than you

  3. katjaglieeson 7 years ago

    I wish I had your eyes

  4. femke.s.songs 7 years ago

    Ehy could you please check out my covers and leave your opinion?

  5. @jamieclems she live streams here from her IG just turn on the notifications for her posts so you can tune in when she goes live.

  6. ravin_tariq 7 years ago


  7. arran_parkinson 7 years ago

    When your last to leave

  8. nickfoshos 7 years ago

    So white

  9. aamandacerny_ 7 years ago


  10. carolrueda30 7 years ago

    Beautiful princess..with beautiful eyes! i love you idol @katjaglieson always! ️

  11. trevonemystery 7 years ago


  12. iqroopbainz 7 years ago


  13. julianohodges 7 years ago

    White Gold

  14. theatwoodfam_ 7 years ago

    Love ya

  15. jordan_mitchell29300 7 years ago

    @katjaglieson Have more then just a sip

  16. i.6hxp 7 years ago

    So beautiful

  17. lailamangi 7 years ago

    My eyes burn literally

  18. timoz666 7 years ago

    Just discovered your YouTube,you’re an adorable twit & I love it

  19. trennenslade 7 years ago

    Your eyes

  20. snl_silva 7 years ago


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