#LookAtUs #musicvideo out now smarturl.it/lookatus tags: #pop #popmusic #poprap #sing #dance #princess #elsa #disney #disneyprincess #queen #photobooth #RedCarpet #sassy #cute #fresh #fun #friends #bff #princesspartycrash

LookAtUs musicvideo out now smarturl.it/lookatus tags: pop popmusic poprap sing dance princess elsa disney disneyprincess queen photobooth RedCarpet sassy cute fresh fun friends bff princesspartycrash

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Tagged: cute elsa photobooth princesspartycrash dance queen pop lookatus redcarpet popmusic sing sassy friends princess disneyprincess bff poprap musicvideo fun fresh disney

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  1. braderz_416 profile image
    braderz_416 5 years ago


  2. yungdayday profile image
    yungdayday 5 years ago

    #Dope Video

  3. yungdayday profile image
    yungdayday 5 years ago

    Thanks for having me in it.

  4. ongina profile image
    ongina 5 years ago


  5. dionjayden profile image
    dionjayden 5 years ago

    Checked it out. Love it! Merry me?

  6. katjaglieson profile image
    katjaglieson 5 years ago

    Thank u so much everyone who was a part of this super fun vid and everyone watching and sharing

  7. paupol51 profile image
    paupol51 5 years ago

    Very cool video. I tweeted it on twitter @katjaglieson

  8. nubianhairoasis profile image
    nubianhairoasis 5 years ago


  9. daniel.manriquez.79 profile image
    daniel.manriquez.79 5 years ago

    Katja is mine!!!!

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