1. faezsanchez 9 years ago

    Im screaming loud instead singing..haha

  2. raoa.h 9 years ago

    yes I do

  3. zedakiah 9 years ago

    late night omg

  4. ascoldasfrozen 9 years ago

    @katjaglieson haha even when I’m not alone

  5. kkkitchin 9 years ago

    No a whole lot, probably act foolish

  6. cennet_k_ 9 years ago

    I can’t sing. I hate my voice And thank you so much for following me, I’m so happy ❤

  7. alisaabary 9 years ago


  8. gomez_kayy1 9 years ago

    If u count screaming as singing lol!

  9. creatingdreamstoday 9 years ago

    Wait, you’re in LA and had a gym to yourself, are you in the Twilight Zone?

  10. katjaglieson 9 years ago

    @faezsanchez yeah same same

  11. katjaglieson 9 years ago

    @raoa.h hehe

  12. katjaglieson 9 years ago

    @zedakiah always I love having it to myself

  13. katjaglieson 9 years ago

    @ascoldasfrozen love ur attitude!

  14. katjaglieson 9 years ago

    @kkkitchin haha

  15. katjaglieson 9 years ago

    @gomez_kayy1 sure why not? When ur alone no one else can hear u

  16. katjaglieson 9 years ago

    @creatingdreamstoday haha right? It’s in my building so everyone was asleep

  17. robertr1967 9 years ago

    peaceful 😉 I wish to be able to talk more with you, Katja <333 and just not on Perscope. Happily, I was able to show you a little more love with 10,684 hearts on the other day, #heartsattack <3

  18. Robert 9 years ago

    anything you do is cool with me and would be so much fun, Katja <333 😀

  19. tadashi_hamada990 9 years ago

    I subed you youtube. Love your voice

  20. katjaglieson 9 years ago

    @tadashi_hamada990 thank u soooooo much x

  21. beysexy 9 years ago

    @katjaglieson i really adore you *_* ♡

  22. Nick 9 years ago

    Going to the gym is fun! Haha but I feel in shake

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