1. sunflower.angel528 profile image
    sunflower.angel528 5 years ago

    damn katja love ya!

  2. lici_alicia_ profile image
    lici_alicia_ 5 years ago

    Omg i love u no matter what i know I’ve said it before but its true and your like the wonderful 15 year old that i could meet love u @katjaglieson

  3. katjaglieson profile image
    katjaglieson 5 years ago

    @jamieclems yea I did a long one yesterday make sure my notifications are on so u don’t miss the next one

  4. cloudsurferx profile image
    cloudsurferx 5 years ago

    You’re eyes are so hypnotizing..

  5. shak_ii profile image
    shak_ii 5 years ago

  6. matiaskendalleliceo profile image
    matiaskendalleliceo 5 years ago

    Wow with that color, you eyes are more blue

  7. jrod_jackson profile image
    jrod_jackson 5 years ago

    #Syracuse #orangeman

  8. katjamanda.fp profile image
    katjamanda.fp 5 years ago

    katja pls check my acc

  9. katjamanda.fp profile image
    katjamanda.fp 5 years ago

    you are gorgeous katja!! pls follow me

  10. mitchclark18 profile image
    mitchclark18 5 years ago

    Wow! Eyes

  11. obviouslydannyphantom profile image
    obviouslydannyphantom 5 years ago

    That’s my baaaby

  12. jeremyhundreds profile image
    jeremyhundreds 5 years ago

    Id pear that up

  13. deanna_davis profile image
    deanna_davis 5 years ago


  14. dboy72 profile image
    dboy72 5 years ago
  15. aharthy10 profile image
    aharthy10 5 years ago

    @asala_w see she said orange tooo

  16. hardik_mangela_011 profile image
    hardik_mangela_011 5 years ago

    #Beautiful #eyes…..

  17. football_days020 profile image
    football_days020 5 years ago

    Beautiful eyes omg

  18. thetrueak profile image
    thetrueak 5 years ago

    by saying ” u glad i didn’t say banana ” you have already said the word ” banana ” therefore there is nothing to be glad about

  19. cupcakelover12886 profile image
    cupcakelover12886 5 years ago

    Orange u supposed to be a model

  20. xoxo.anu profile image
    xoxo.anu 5 years ago

    Omg this is so pretty! @katjaglieson

  21. lennysaram profile image
    lennysaram 5 years ago


  22. emmajuutinen profile image
    emmajuutinen 5 years ago


  23. caitlyn.e.plumb profile image
    caitlyn.e.plumb 5 years ago

    Hi katja

  24. kittykatja.fan profile image
    kittykatja.fan 5 years ago

    Huhuhu ~ why ????????? You r so gor whyyyyyyy

  25. football_days020 profile image
    football_days020 5 years ago

    Katja today its my birthday. but I’m already really looking forward to your vlog.

  26. aytac.babacan profile image
    aytac.babacan 5 years ago

    I fell in love

  27. asala_w profile image
    asala_w 5 years ago

    AHAHAHAHA @aharthy10

  28. annamikac profile image
    annamikac 5 years ago


  29. thesavageroofer profile image
    thesavageroofer 5 years ago

    Your are amazing

  30. sadie_1824 profile image
    sadie_1824 5 years ago

    Soooo gorgeous

  31. robertthames profile image
    robertthames 5 years ago

    Gorgeous Katja

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