1. rossrrussell 8 years ago

    This is such amazing news @katjaglieson #ShootingStar

  2. julianohodges 8 years ago

    D O P E

  3. adamjay103 8 years ago

    @katjaglieson WOOOOOOOWWWWW, look at you! #speechless congrats on everything you’re doing though, you’re the greatest. Whoever you’re working with on things is luckier than anyone! Keep it up my #1 Aussie.

  4. courtney_bella03 8 years ago

    You are an inspiration @katjaglieson!! I’m so happy for you!! You are going places!! Love you

  5. bubbasmiley2 8 years ago

    Literally crying right now!!! So proud of you Katja!!!!! This is only the beginning for our favorite #ShootingStar. Hollywood Walk of Fame here you come!!

  6. rosalina_tw 8 years ago

    You’re so beautiful

  7. holden_mac_groin 8 years ago


  8. rodlaraactor 8 years ago

    So nice to hear you’re doing AMAZING, @katjaglieson x

  9. bunnyangelz 8 years ago

    Pretty~ :3

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