1. julianohodges 3 years ago

    That looks soooo good

  2. yes! would love to see a makeup montage!

  3. tbh_bunny 3 years ago

    U mean that would I hope u see this

  4. angel_andino19 3 years ago

    Yeah go for it @katjaglieson you always make any video either comedy or make up tutorial, you always make anything super beautifully AMAZAING

  5. boynamesu 3 years ago

    Beautiful! And hahaha Annika!

  6. riannatap 3 years ago

    My barbie girl ️ @katjaglieson

  7. the_silver_bullet_3.0 3 years ago

    ok has anyone told you that you are just unbelievable gorgeous? if not your hanging with the wrong people darlin

  8. downtheroadshow 3 years ago

    Oh I like that look.

  9. montanatucker 3 years ago

    Omg yes please! Teach me your waysssss

  10. gabriellearobinson 3 years ago

    Yes 100%

  11. lilbquan2 3 years ago

    Queen of beauty

  12. jcisalwayshappy 3 years ago

    I really like that color

  13. briteresi 3 years ago

    Love your hair like this

  14. bubbasmiley2 3 years ago

    Would love that! Love all the new musical.lys today too!

  15. regularkyled 3 years ago

    Is the dog real tho? Hah

  16. katjagliesonmerch 3 years ago

    heck yaas girl!

  17. keliannestankus 3 years ago


  18. blackb_theresa_turua 3 years ago

    Yes wow!!!!!!!

  19. tonyjcabrera 3 years ago

    You look amazing! So gorgeous ️️️

  20. 83_magna 3 years ago

    Oh my God, you look so cute! You look ok too Katja.

  21. mastergm 3 years ago


  22. amrinderkalsi5933 3 years ago

    Are you serious? This is the most beautiful picture of a woman I’ve seen so far this week… just great

  23. lady_shou 3 years ago


  24. estheranaya 3 years ago

    Love the pink hair on u

  25. polo3zebra 3 years ago

    Almost spill my yac

  26. bethgrafton 3 years ago

    Uhh yes what kind of question is that?!

  27. travelingandtiffanys 3 years ago

    Yes girl!! You are looking amazing! Love this look boo

  28. 008_spy 3 years ago


  29. daniklass 3 years ago

    You are hot!

  30. ughitsjoe 3 years ago

    I own the same mug

  31. robinmandy 3 years ago

    you are very cute

  32. aliii._.xoxo 3 years ago

    Gorgeous ️ @katjaglieson

  33. dkw418 3 years ago


  34. _therealmoon_ 3 years ago


  35. andre611 3 years ago

    Yeasss baby… evens Annika is excited about it ️

  36. katieteresi 3 years ago

    Wow love this hair on you!!

  37. katieteresi 3 years ago

    Wow love this hair on you!!

  38. krisrog88 3 years ago

    just a little copper up there and we could both have our Ann-Margret fantasy

  39. ninalth_rezvira 3 years ago

    Omgggg,pinkie one of my favee from the mane six

  40. trujillo.zades 3 years ago


  41. ratnaadip 3 years ago


  42. jacibutler 3 years ago


  43. _alexbarrios 3 years ago

    @annikasamoyed looks so happy to be in this pic

  44. goygoy2131 3 years ago


  45. lovesandhu5305 3 years ago

    Cutie pie

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