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Still from princessrapbattle popcult princess popsinger blonde rap rapper singer singing specialagents popsinger elsa frozen merida tiana brave disney rapbattle prb erb epicrapbattle blueeyes letitgo snowwhite comedy slayin rapping

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  1. hannahb_dance 9 years ago

    Love it!!!!

  2. maria102793 9 years ago

    Love this so much!!!

  3. babyred2014 9 years ago

    You da best

  4. azazel2015 9 years ago

    @katjaglieson Im convinced you are the actual real life elsa

  5. philkimbo 9 years ago

    It kind of looks like you’ve found – and are about to bully! – one of the seven dwarves

  6. lil_r0ndo 9 years ago

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  7. lara.jayne 9 years ago

    Love it

  8. shieldgirl30 9 years ago

    @azazel2015 have you ever seen @annafaithxoxo @katjaglieson is the badass Elsa and @annafaithxoxo is the sweeter version! Lol love ya @katjaglieson

  9. azazel2015 9 years ago

    @shieldgirl30 yeah I have but I like to think the badass elsa is the only elsa hahaa

  10. azazel2015 9 years ago


  11. energeticmichaelx 9 years ago

    Follow me please

  12. energeticmichaelx 9 years ago

    I love it when you played elsa

  13. gbstrap 9 years ago

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  14. willow.cleary 9 years ago

    Follow me ,please

  15. phoenix_1710 9 years ago

    I loved that it was soo funny

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