1. rossrrussell profile image
    rossrrussell 5 years ago

    Nothing could be more true @katjaglieson

  2. spionchen1 profile image
    spionchen1 5 years ago

    We miss you in NY!

  3. pazg407 profile image
    pazg407 5 years ago

    ay que hermosaaaa

  4. bubbasmiley2 profile image
    bubbasmiley2 5 years ago

    Yes we do!

  5. raydiaz profile image
    raydiaz 5 years ago

    im here

  6. robertr1967 profile image
    robertr1967 5 years ago

    and you ; and you ; and you , but so especially U ((film :”Love Actually” ), @KatjaGlieson ^11 with #IWouldKill : #Spotify #iTunes + HQ version at the store -> http://www.KatjaGlieson.com

  7. kkkitchin profile image
    kkkitchin 5 years ago

    I’m missing you too Katja sorry I’ve been MIA on your live streams

  8. paupol51 profile image
    paupol51 5 years ago

    Miss you too

  9. unixgod profile image
    unixgod 5 years ago


  10. jamiralexander_cowboysfan profile image

    I’m on my way babe @katjaglieson

  11. ariafilikrainian profile image
    ariafilikrainian 5 years ago

    U are such a Beautiful Soul @Katjaglieson ❣❣❣

  12. fitman_father profile image
    fitman_father 5 years ago

    Your music is perfection. @katjaglieson

  13. leerobjant profile image
    leerobjant 5 years ago

    Hey its Lee of live me xx

  14. winston_1982 profile image
    winston_1982 5 years ago


  15. sarmed_alaa_17 profile image
    sarmed_alaa_17 5 years ago

    بدت اللواكة

  16. isisrzw profile image
    isisrzw 5 years ago

    Your eyes are amazing! In this picture they look like an ocean

  17. dj_ezekial_sankitts profile image
    dj_ezekial_sankitts 5 years ago

    Katja I see you in live. me I love your video so much

  18. yamatodamashii profile image
    yamatodamashii 5 years ago


  19. xa.tayy profile image
    xa.tayy 5 years ago

    Why so pretty?

  20. p.allotey profile image
    p.allotey 5 years ago

    Morning baby

  21. katjaglieeson profile image
    katjaglieeson 5 years ago

    Why so pretty ?????

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