1. aaron_vanvoorst profile image
    aaron_vanvoorst 5 years ago

    1st like and comment

  2. chrissirose23 profile image
    chrissirose23 5 years ago


  3. rossrrussell profile image
    rossrrussell 5 years ago

    Have a great time gaming @katjaglieson

  4. traz_mc82 profile image
    traz_mc82 5 years ago

    I finished witcher 2 on xbox 360. I still have to save up for a xbox one

  5. unixgod profile image
    unixgod 5 years ago

    Cool shirt!!

  6. contreras.annel profile image
    contreras.annel 5 years ago


  7. david_c_rollins profile image
    david_c_rollins 5 years ago


  8. david_c_rollins profile image
    david_c_rollins 5 years ago

    Like to hear your version of A dangerous woman

  9. katjagliesonstreetteam profile image

    Slay those potatoes girl!!

  10. bubbasmiley2 profile image
    bubbasmiley2 5 years ago

    Love this pic!! looks like you got your new summer hair color too!

  11. holden_mac_groin profile image
    holden_mac_groin 5 years ago

    Game on

  12. austin8348 profile image
    austin8348 5 years ago

    Love this pic. You have such beautiful hair

  13. hikaru_1221 profile image
    hikaru_1221 5 years ago

    @katjaglieson Beautiful︎

  14. hayz.18 profile image
    hayz.18 5 years ago

    Your so pretty

  15. ari_martinez015 profile image
    ari_martinez015 5 years ago

    Came from live.me! So beautiful! I love you sis!!!

  16. daj2017 profile image
    daj2017 5 years ago

    Came from live.me u have some serious blue eyes. Wow. Now for the bigger wow. Ur move to la was a great move. Ur personality is just infectious. U r so much fun ur a one of a kind. If anyone has a chance of making it i think its u or ashley campbell. Theres no reason to think both of u cant make it in tinseltown. Best wishes & take care.oh im dalejohnsson on live.me

  17. risenmonk profile image
    risenmonk 5 years ago

    @katjaglieson what’s up? Saw your liveme. Following you on IG . Follow back

  18. ashleybaldridge02 profile image
    ashleybaldridge02 5 years ago

    Found u on live.me

  19. his_doe2016 profile image
    his_doe2016 5 years ago

    Found you on live.me

  20. bella_owl1 profile image
    bella_owl1 5 years ago

    Hi i found you on live.me

  21. bravokilomike profile image
    bravokilomike 5 years ago

    Is there a u

  22. bravokilomike profile image
    bravokilomike 5 years ago

    Number you can call just to take @katjaglieson on a date? Haha

  23. michalereso profile image
    michalereso 5 years ago

    Luv this

  24. lesbiangirl_1409 profile image
    lesbiangirl_1409 5 years ago

    Lesbians dm me

  25. _king_anth0ny_ profile image
    _king_anth0ny_ 5 years ago

    Katja hiiiiiiiiiii member u told me to comment

  26. tkdgurl2015 profile image
    tkdgurl2015 5 years ago

    Can you follow me?

  27. katjators profile image
    katjators 5 years ago


  28. itsaddiiee profile image
    itsaddiiee 5 years ago

    I luv ur covers! Its better than the original! Can u follow me?

  29. robertr1967 profile image
    robertr1967 5 years ago

    Game face of Katja ^11 ; Katja , where’s this from ‘ “Switzer_____ & who would wear 100 wristwatches? a Centipede “?

  30. slayingfaces101 profile image
    slayingfaces101 5 years ago

    Live. Me

  31. _with_my_crew_100 profile image
    _with_my_crew_100 5 years ago

    I met you on live.me

  32. kricc_gang profile image
    kricc_gang 5 years ago

    You are thee best person I have ever met, you have the best attitude I really believe you are a very special person #I’mJohnDam

  33. freddynyce profile image
    freddynyce 5 years ago

    LKing GD !

  34. guzman.derek profile image
    guzman.derek 5 years ago

    The best

  35. cheekyvibes profile image
    cheekyvibes 5 years ago

    Natural beauty! @katjaglieson

  36. thechancetrahan profile image
    thechancetrahan 5 years ago


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