2017 has been amazing! A toast to 2018, may it be filled with love, laughs and music! Thank u #Katjators for ur continuous love and support thank u to my lovely co stars that appear in this compilation @ayla_woodruff @christian @erikacostell @cameronfuller @lourdesgabrielalopez @justinroberts44 @kaileymaurer @piques @tiffanydunnmusic @thegregfurman @annikasamoyed @dirteegerty @thetomleigh @sole.basaldua @julianohodges @martinibeerman @thereynaroberts @michaelmancusomusic @calebnashfeemster @vdhtraining @benjackson1111 (and all my other awesome friends who I got the chance to laugh with this year) #bestof2017 #katjaglieson #happynewyear #nye #comethru

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  1. maralva1778 profile image
    maralva1778 4 years ago

    It has been amazing, especially with your videos katja@katjaglieson

  2. teoval22 profile image
    teoval22 4 years ago

    I like dat

  3. whitechapelestate profile image
    whitechapelestate 4 years ago

    My favorite is “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” !

  4. esther._.me profile image
    esther._.me 4 years ago


  5. _vicki.xo profile image
    _vicki.xo 4 years ago


  6. shelsa2 profile image
    shelsa2 4 years ago

    Omg ur voice️️

  7. audreybedrejo profile image
    audreybedrejo 4 years ago

    Your the best

  8. rain3372 profile image
    rain3372 4 years ago


  9. semoner profile image
    semoner 4 years ago

    Corn me!!

  10. katjaglieson_annika profile image
    katjaglieson_annika 4 years ago

    You are the best

  11. vannia_johnson profile image
    vannia_johnson 4 years ago

    Your so cute

  12. leeoralexandra profile image
    leeoralexandra 4 years ago

    I loved this

  13. madi_newbold profile image
    madi_newbold 4 years ago

    This video literally describes my personality

  14. verushka8068 profile image
    verushka8068 4 years ago


  15. katja_elizabethxx profile image
    katja_elizabethxx 4 years ago


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