1. has.me.dying profile image
    has.me.dying 3 years ago

    Ok this was funny

  2. kxng_tavi profile image
    kxng_tavi 3 years ago

    “Tall glass of cashew milk”

  3. jloucomotion profile image
    jloucomotion 3 years ago

    Hahahaha @madzvee

  4. jloucomotion profile image
    jloucomotion 3 years ago

    Hahahahaha @madz_vee

  5. hardluck__ profile image
    hardluck__ 3 years ago

    @jessi_isawesomesauce where they attttt

  6. jaz_macflikova profile image
    jaz_macflikova 3 years ago

    LOVE IT!

  7. john_de_gerard_official profile image

    Its ok follw the trailer @sniper_faddy52

  8. m34440 profile image
    m34440 3 years ago


  9. m34440 profile image
    m34440 3 years ago

    Hahhh really this hope know 2017

  10. laneysophia profile image
    laneysophia 3 years ago

    That’s just made you and amander look like gold diggers ️️️️

  11. ng9.bp profile image
    ng9.bp 3 years ago


  12. jannet_pinon profile image
    jannet_pinon 3 years ago


  13. deleted.bye.1999 profile image
    deleted.bye.1999 3 years ago


  14. keiraardito profile image
    keiraardito 3 years ago

    I’m dying of laughter

  15. reko_sam profile image
    reko_sam 3 years ago

    damn man not all of the girls do that

  16. hannahhhnicole23 profile image
    hannahhhnicole23 3 years ago

    Oh my god!

  17. said.jenin profile image
    said.jenin 3 years ago


  18. romeo._rs profile image
    romeo._rs 3 years ago

    Oh noooo

  19. camilla_tellez profile image
    camilla_tellez 3 years ago


  20. the_billionaire_gang profile image
    the_billionaire_gang 3 years ago

    The money talks

  21. phillippssidney profile image
    phillippssidney 3 years ago

    That was unexpected

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