1. edge.of.familiar profile image
    edge.of.familiar 4 years ago


  2. johnathan.cutter profile image
    johnathan.cutter 4 years ago

    That wink

  3. topitoya profile image
    topitoya 4 years ago

    But when is going to appear the offcial video

  4. nataliebartawli profile image
    nataliebartawli 4 years ago

    When is the music video coming out

  5. jenavie36 profile image
    jenavie36 4 years ago

    Hell yes baby can’t wait

  6. robles_559 profile image
    robles_559 4 years ago

    Super beautiful no comparison

  7. ok8205 profile image
    ok8205 4 years ago
  8. lau.malo profile image
    lau.malo 4 years ago

    Omg can’t wait

  9. ananya.ban profile image
    ananya.ban 4 years ago

    When does the video come out?

  10. flavia_pampu profile image
    flavia_pampu 4 years ago

    When does the video come out!

  11. annapretzle profile image
    annapretzle 4 years ago

    @katjaglieson when does the video come out?? We need an amazing video to go with this AMAZING song!!!

  12. cathriinemonita profile image
    cathriinemonita 4 years ago

    YOU ARE STILL ON FIRE 😀 been here since Look at us! Im so proud of you

  13. alaracif_ profile image
    alaracif_ 4 years ago

    u look like elsa from frozen

  14. braeofficial profile image
    braeofficial 4 years ago

    Babe let’s do a track

  15. ahmet_tutkun profile image
    ahmet_tutkun 4 years ago

    Mk gözlere bak lan süper

  16. trigslash_trigslash profile image
    trigslash_trigslash 4 years ago

    Hello you realy need to make a hit with me Trigslash

  17. theamericanspreadeagle0avar8 profile image

    Let’s come through super star.

  18. rasmus.felt profile image
    rasmus.felt 4 years ago


  19. stanislaussalve7 profile image
    stanislaussalve7 4 years ago

    I love you so much more than anything else, You are my shinning star, my moon you are one in a million, trillion and billion wow @katjaglieson

  20. viiews__ profile image
    viiews__ 4 years ago

    Hi there ! I really want to become a photographer, and would really appreciate if you go to my profile and check out my views, thanks

  21. nina.velascoo profile image
    nina.velascoo 4 years ago

    @katjaglieson when will we be able to see the music video?!? ️ it’s been forever and can’t wait to see if

  22. talal638 profile image
    talal638 4 years ago

    Please check your DM.. you are my idol..

  23. gabrielaerazo96 profile image
    gabrielaerazo96 4 years ago

    Wish to sound like her @ariadnaerazo_

  24. ramjidrew profile image
    ramjidrew 4 years ago

    Its really Great song especially the beats while “ahhh” its really nice

  25. eezylivin2105 profile image
    eezylivin2105 4 years ago

    @katjaglieson I’m in love with your smile

  26. harley_quinn_2004_ profile image
    harley_quinn_2004_ 4 years ago

    Will u FaceTime me? I am Australian and u are a real inspiration to me!! I can’t believe a Australian can actually become famous @katjaglieson @katjaglieson @katjaglieson ️️️

  27. nu_rya profile image
    nu_rya 4 years ago

    is u British? ur accent doesn’t sound american

  28. ldspade profile image
    ldspade 4 years ago

    Wow I still remember the first time I saw you on YouTube doing the cover of Black widow you wore this pink jaket!!!! @katjaglieson

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