1. jhcoronel profile image
    jhcoronel 4 years ago

    DAAAMN girl, niceee Voice!

  2. andrea_160902 profile image
    andrea_160902 4 years ago

    U slaaay at singing

  3. deenmn_ profile image
    deenmn_ 4 years ago

    uwaw your voice!

  4. kkkitchin profile image
    kkkitchin 4 years ago

    Absolutely beautifully flawless I love your singing it brings calmness and such joy in my life thank you so much Katja

  5. stuartkent1 profile image
    stuartkent1 4 years ago

    You both sound great singing there togtogether

  6. thereynaroberts profile image
    thereynaroberts 4 years ago

    We are toooo cute ️️ love you!!!

  7. kris_pybacon profile image
    kris_pybacon 4 years ago

    A real treat, girls giving soul

  8. ayyye.amanda_03 profile image
    ayyye.amanda_03 4 years ago


  9. erikkaann_14 profile image
    erikkaann_14 4 years ago

    Omg this is amazing!! You’re such a talented artist Katja ️️

  10. utubmemes profile image
    utubmemes 4 years ago

    Ama-freaking-zing voices ️

  11. katjaglieson profile image
    katjaglieson 4 years ago

    @thereynaroberts ur an angel! Let’s do more!!!

  12. mr.nair707 profile image
    mr.nair707 4 years ago


  13. smoke4marijuana profile image
    smoke4marijuana 4 years ago

    You have average beats…..

  14. bubbasmiley2 profile image
    bubbasmiley2 4 years ago

    Yaas girls This is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  15. downtheroadshow profile image
    downtheroadshow 4 years ago

    Dope AF Girls

  16. lexi_zambrano18 profile image
    lexi_zambrano18 4 years ago

    Omg she has a beautiful voice

  17. lexi_zambrano18 profile image
    lexi_zambrano18 4 years ago

    I love you so much

  18. carolrueda30 profile image
    carolrueda30 4 years ago

    So Amazing!! ️️️ IDOL @katjaglieson

  19. taylo_rrr profile image
    taylo_rrr 4 years ago

    Yooo vocals on

  20. lexi_zambrano18 profile image
    lexi_zambrano18 4 years ago

    They both do omg I’m shook

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