1. basketballstarz profile image
    basketballstarz 4 years ago


  2. basketballstarz profile image
    basketballstarz 4 years ago

    I KNEW IT WAS GONNA BE FUNNY**@katjaglieson

  3. sheisloyal_100 profile image
    sheisloyal_100 4 years ago

    I’m going through the same thing

  4. sheisloyal_100 profile image
    sheisloyal_100 4 years ago

    ( the moving)

  5. owen.newland profile image
    owen.newland 4 years ago

  6. mardi_kuri_ profile image
    mardi_kuri_ 4 years ago

    @roach_paper_scissor this is gonna be so you

  7. op_khiladi profile image
    op_khiladi 4 years ago

    @jennifer_rahil tu hain na kuli.

  8. vinnie.yocelyn profile image
    vinnie.yocelyn 4 years ago


  9. super_badest_diva profile image
    super_badest_diva 4 years ago

    I don’t need a man

  10. labzeke profile image
    labzeke 4 years ago


  11. avnaciio profile image
    avnaciio 4 years ago

    The Ending!

  12. michelleelizarraraz profile image
    michelleelizarraraz 4 years ago

    I have the same phone case as you

  13. ladycamrox profile image
    ladycamrox 4 years ago

    been there…said that!

  14. maelynnchb profile image
    maelynnchb 4 years ago


  15. elly_isnothere profile image
    elly_isnothere 4 years ago

    When your dog joined you

  16. mes8_ profile image
    mes8_ 4 years ago


  17. ricky2.1 profile image
    ricky2.1 4 years ago

    Did anyone notice that her dog was humping her

  18. whosthatgirlbre30 profile image
    whosthatgirlbre30 4 years ago

    @ricky2.1 I thought he/she was helping her but…

  19. hey_its_random_posts profile image
    hey_its_random_posts 4 years ago

    Meee I can seriously relate

  20. jaylinerioscamacho profile image
    jaylinerioscamacho 4 years ago

    Did the dog try humping her

  21. asvp.rey6 profile image
    asvp.rey6 4 years ago

    The camera man could’ve helped you…

  22. waniizul profile image
    waniizul 4 years ago

    @anisramlann “i dont need guys, i cam do it myself”

  23. boone7713 profile image
    boone7713 4 years ago

    Ur cute but a dingle dork lol hugs

  24. slime_master22180 profile image
    slime_master22180 4 years ago

    Is that serious your house it’s huge

  25. a.b._lachino profile image
    a.b._lachino 4 years ago

    @jaylinerioscamacho thats what it looked like

  26. isiahcolon14 profile image
    isiahcolon14 4 years ago

    Who else saw the dog jump ger

  27. isiahcolon14 profile image
    isiahcolon14 4 years ago


  28. krista_loves_bali profile image
    krista_loves_bali 4 years ago

    Is this supposed to be an apartment or something or do you just have an elevator in your house

  29. unicorn_cherries_44 profile image
    unicorn_cherries_44 4 years ago

    Who else saw the dog hump her

  30. karen.hjz profile image
    karen.hjz 4 years ago

    @aryan_._nrz , y nokte dare , gerefti???

  31. aryan_._nrz profile image
    aryan_._nrz 4 years ago

    @karen.hejazi ajb sage ashghalie

  32. davidjoshua_ profile image
    davidjoshua_ 4 years ago

    @carolrueda30 she wasn’t trying to help her she was humping her

  33. queen_snowcat profile image
    queen_snowcat 4 years ago

    @zimmerchristina dette er meg i fremtiden ️

  34. farris3704 profile image
    farris3704 4 years ago


  35. sandra_iwuoha14 profile image
    sandra_iwuoha14 4 years ago

    Your dog is soooo cute

  36. danishaaqilahrahman profile image
    danishaaqilahrahman 4 years ago

    Lawak sangat

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