Never have I ever… (w/ @amandacerny @loulou_gonzalez @lilmissmegsmakeup ) #amandacerny #katjaglieson

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  1. _lit.stories_ 7 years ago


  2. _kate.eliza 7 years ago

    @sian_doko @_gracylily_ @_tahliajayde_ @_mxddyy_ @_abi_sue

  3. judithvieneynosevaa 7 years ago

    Tenemos que hacerlo @alba_justo @pikapolloo @fanny_vazquez_amador_98_ @m_lopezcm @ariadna.m12 @_marina_rivas_

  4. ariadna.m12 7 years ago

    @judithvieneynosevaa cuuaando queraaaisjajaja

  5. talitharsh 7 years ago

    can anybody tell me how this works??

  6. zeba_rahman 7 years ago


  7. initials_tw 7 years ago

    @zeba_rahman lolol

  8. starstheylevitate 7 years ago

    @tbsforlife typically this is played like, someone says never have I ever something…if you’ve done it you’re supposed to take a shot, if you havent, you dont. The way they’re playing it is they put one finger down if they’ve done it.

  9. talitharsh 7 years ago

    @starstheylevitate Oohh i see only now i find this video funny, thank you

  10. wasimsk2 7 years ago

    Never have Ever

  11. lotta.princess 7 years ago


  12. albulenshala 7 years ago


  13. elizabethdaani 7 years ago

    You look like you could be on mean girls or something

  14. fhkbondun_ 7 years ago


  15. anita_rab 7 years ago

    hahahah i love this

  16. rekhaiyer 7 years ago


  17. sheme_uae 7 years ago

    Someone please tell me what’s that game pleas , it looks fun

  18. matildebarbaro 7 years ago

    Lol @daphne_carabelli

  19. @shashy_sho someone has to say “never have I ever” and say something they have never done before, then the other players have to keep their fingers up (if they haven’t done it either) but if they have done it they put a finger down. The person with the most fingers up in the end wins!

  20. estelle_grn 7 years ago

    @dejean_ c’est toi ahahaha

  21. dejean_ 7 years ago

    @estelle_grn hahaha tellement

  22. tamtamvv 7 years ago


  23. yk_jojo3 7 years ago

    Who was in the couch

  24. ellebebz 7 years ago

    Maglalaro tayo neto manaya @nedarem

  25. dr.blake18 7 years ago

    The other girl totally wanted to push it. She’s weird.

  26. mohammadhossein_miri 7 years ago


  27. farhad.nmd 7 years ago


  28. ky_rene98 7 years ago

    @wandiellacv lmaoo

  29. sedaacelik_ 7 years ago

    @edaa.celiik @kubragelen1390 @gamze.gelenn @busrageleen bunlarda parmak oyunu oynuyor

  30. le.jameela 7 years ago

    Apne aa ramwa na hata na @arwa.ismail @_tasneemhussain @sakeenadilawar @munneeerra@sakeenaaquil

  31. _tasneemhussain 7 years ago

    Arre its damm fun. Alogo bekaar rami yas pan om maza ni ch :p @le.jameela

  32. le.jameela 7 years ago

    Next time ramsu @_tasneemhussain

  33. _tasneemhussain 7 years ago

    Oki done @le.jameela

  34. amberley_daw 7 years ago


  35. mcgeebryson 7 years ago

    Who was in the couch

  36. lindajkb 7 years ago


  37. saniyatariq95 7 years ago

    @ayaanaumar that has to be be

  38. nayan__artmaze 7 years ago

    Damn this is so interesting thanks a lot this dosage is enough…to let me sleep peacefully

  39. shanpenn13 6 years ago

    @miriweissman @shirarose1 @jennifer.gubitz

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