1. diana.smailova7 profile image
    diana.smailova7 3 years ago

    It’s so nice and creative

  2. lifewithsarahjade profile image
    lifewithsarahjade 3 years ago

    You absolute babe @katjaglieson xx

  3. charliestrudwick04 profile image
    charliestrudwick04 3 years ago

    Your such a good dancer!follow me please!!

  4. uqutayba profile image
    uqutayba 3 years ago

    Wow really nice song

  5. nadilanafadila profile image
    nadilanafadila 3 years ago

    keren banget

  6. leyla_555_ profile image
    leyla_555_ 3 years ago


  7. sahara_salad profile image
    sahara_salad 3 years ago

    Good morrning kat! How are You? Happy New Month, I Hope You Have Nice all this Month, Have a Nice day, God Bless You kat always amiin, Take care,

  8. brealacy63 profile image
    brealacy63 3 years ago

    I listen to Ride The Wave and I Would Kill all the time!! You are so talented!!

  9. eva__gibson profile image
    eva__gibson 3 years ago

    Gurlllll loosen up I seem stiff

  10. __j1ll profile image
    __j1ll 3 years ago

    What the name of song????

  11. bmb.xx profile image
    bmb.xx 3 years ago

    So talentedkeep it up

  12. the_nuksss profile image
    the_nuksss 3 years ago

    Trek daity?

  13. bakhtawarribrahim profile image
    bakhtawarribrahim 3 years ago

    wow @zoha.khan04

  14. daeliaclemons profile image
    daeliaclemons 3 years ago

    KATIA DANCES ?! @cc_nico

  15. imano_n_i profile image
    imano_n_i 3 years ago

    So cool

  16. violet_ferrel profile image
    violet_ferrel 3 years ago


  17. kinggokuforlife profile image
    kinggokuforlife 3 years ago


  18. janvizan profile image
    janvizan 3 years ago

    What mane this song?

  19. lintywheels profile image
    lintywheels 3 years ago

    Too stiff loosen up a little

  20. lintywheels profile image
    lintywheels 3 years ago

    Too stiff loosen up a little

  21. hanxn.alx profile image
    hanxn.alx 3 years ago

    Oh you can sing , dance , act and your funny . Okay then iam not jealous at all

  22. fjasman profile image
    fjasman 3 years ago


  23. msilas23 profile image
    msilas23 3 years ago

    @katjaglieson this was so much fun to dance! the video turned out amazing. Hopefully we can dance together soon again

  24. just_himani profile image
    just_himani 3 years ago

    Omg you are so cool n hot dancer

  25. ayanainwonderland profile image
    ayanainwonderland 3 years ago

    Such fierce faces

  26. c_m_r_1608 profile image
    c_m_r_1608 3 years ago

    What song is this???

  27. _mel.ikaa_ profile image
    _mel.ikaa_ 3 years ago


  28. _mel.ikaa_ profile image
    _mel.ikaa_ 3 years ago


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