So happy to be home in LA LA LAND. Seeing my family was so special and a huge reality check! I am no where near where I wanna be, but I’m so much closer than I could ever have imagined! Thank u #katjators for allowing me to live the existence I only ever dreamed. Please keep sharing my new songs #MeThenU & #temporary

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  1. layal.155 3 years ago


  2. thetalesfamily 3 years ago


  3. kepser_lisa 3 years ago


  4. thetalesfamily 3 years ago

    U are sooo beautiful

  5. alexellingworth4 3 years ago

    So beautiful

  6. cozmacarina 3 years ago

    You are the sweetest person ever

  7. amerthesavage 3 years ago

    I Just love the new katja

  8. cozmacarina 3 years ago

    @cozmacarina ️️️️

  9. katjaglieson 3 years ago

    @cozmacarina ur so lovely thank u

  10. katjaglieson 3 years ago

    @thetalesfamily ahhh I love u

  11. soneroz0227 3 years ago

    Turkce bilen yokmuu

  12. alex.g.x 3 years ago


  13. alex.g.x 3 years ago


  14. leightitley 3 years ago

    You are very beautiful katja and you got very beautiful legs

  15. pheebzxx 3 years ago

    Pretty xxx

  16. amazinglybrookster 3 years ago

    So cute how??

  17. aj.aka.rooftop 3 years ago

    I love u so much bby

  18. danielltigre 3 years ago


  19. 2annalisa2 3 years ago


  20. 2annalisa2 3 years ago

    Your so pretty

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