1. potent_mma profile image
    potent_mma 5 years ago

    @unknown147448 she’s from Australia

  2. natty.mc profile image
    natty.mc 5 years ago

    You sound like bare grills wife

  3. dunk_de_funk profile image
    dunk_de_funk 5 years ago

    @mikemcmillan_91 The first part haha

  4. rac.kno profile image
    rac.kno 5 years ago

    You sound like Steve Irwin haha

  5. sirwilimad profile image
    sirwilimad 4 years ago


  6. indigo_sakura profile image
    indigo_sakura 4 years ago

    Tho accent..

  7. thalys.de.calsacy profile image
    thalys.de.calsacy 4 years ago

    Oh crikey

  8. mamabear0610 profile image
    mamabear0610 4 years ago

    My oldest sons dad is from Perth and I honestly can’t wait for the day I can take him there so he can see where his family comes from!!!!

  9. lisawwlimyahoocom profile image
    lisawwlimyahoocom 4 years ago

    Go Katja

  10. missjth_23 profile image
    missjth_23 4 years ago

    Rest in peace Steve Irwin ️️we will never forget the saying oh crikey hahha rip

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