What girls really think…(w/ @amandacerny @loulou_gonzalez #amandacerny #katjaglieson #loulougonzalez )

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  1. faithmillerrrr 7 years ago


  2. jenna_lopez0485 7 years ago

    Sometimes it’s not like that

  3. ajengersa 7 years ago


  4. theking.a.train.3 7 years ago

    All three of them just ROASTED each other

  5. laiba_tariq18 7 years ago

    @ayesha3861 :p

  6. juicykimx 7 years ago

    @mixwraysa we need to do short films like this when we get our look

  7. mr_feathers 7 years ago

    “More like frizzy af!”

  8. dr.blake18 7 years ago

    What the F you just say?!!! I love that part!!

  9. eylul.buyukk 7 years ago

    @basaktopraak ehheheeh

  10. tzofiya_goldman13 7 years ago

    @belle_krubitski how we feel abt some ppl

  11. tzofiya_goldman13 7 years ago

    @belle_krubitski *

  12. belle_krubitski 7 years ago

    @tzofiya_goldman13 exactly!!!

  13. muna__may 7 years ago

    Let’s be real @fccoccaa

  14. shafz_lynn502 7 years ago

    You guys are bff,so you guys can’t think like that

  15. ananya_mishra30 7 years ago

    Girls girls girls @raspreet_kaur_pal

  16. ericjones_j 7 years ago


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