1. katjaglieson profile image
    katjaglieson 5 years ago

    @nikhilsaldana Xbox one elite controller google it. Boom

  2. laloc831_ profile image
    laloc831_ 5 years ago

    Add me on Xbox CW Pho3nix

  3. alixkennedy profile image
    alixkennedy 5 years ago

    @bradmalj you and me

  4. mr_dj78 profile image
    mr_dj78 5 years ago

    She is gorgeous. For real.

  5. mr_dj78 profile image
    mr_dj78 5 years ago

    Not because of the game thing haha.

  6. fabio2290 profile image
    fabio2290 5 years ago

    Cosi vedi il piercing zizi @manuel7777

  7. jamesroberts3535 profile image
    jamesroberts3535 5 years ago

    @katjaglieson my only question is why isn’t he using the elite controller to start off with?

  8. royallove1206 profile image
    royallove1206 5 years ago

    Destroyed haha yasss

  9. emily.kapsalis profile image
    emily.kapsalis 5 years ago

    He looks a bit like wyatt HAHAHA @daniiialfa_

  10. ozguraldemirr profile image
    ozguraldemirr 5 years ago

    I hated his face his talk his sound his hair almost everything. So annoying

  11. ssoltaniii_73 profile image
    ssoltaniii_73 5 years ago

    how do u play cod without rt button

  12. alyssa_grabowski profile image
    alyssa_grabowski 5 years ago

    Lol how I feel with my brother all the time!!!

  13. some.weird.profile profile image
    some.weird.profile 5 years ago

    Aww that was kinda sad lol

  14. kerenyuu profile image
    kerenyuu 5 years ago

    @enoch.yu drone package

  15. antonbanditeriksson profile image
    antonbanditeriksson 5 years ago

    @smagnuzzon sååå tror du bara att de kommer vara

  16. marco.garfitt profile image
    marco.garfitt 5 years ago

    You go on the ps4 too long @lucagarfitt12

  17. senor_muerte profile image
    senor_muerte 5 years ago

    “I’m in love with your best friend!” he just said that so he wouldn’t lose.

  18. sleepynightowlz profile image
    sleepynightowlz 5 years ago

    Thanks shan haha

  19. jenna_lopez0485 profile image
    jenna_lopez0485 5 years ago

    You two guys make a great couple but I mean guys should respect girls and give us love

  20. diesel_life_for_ever profile image
    diesel_life_for_ever 4 years ago

    Me and @leo.eddy__ and @rocco.singh12

  21. hallee.nicole profile image
    hallee.nicole 4 years ago

    @starfish.panda this is me when I go to someone elses house and they don’t know my childhood…

  22. tamara_orf profile image
    tamara_orf 4 years ago

    @alisehorton me to when am in my brother’s room

  23. marybelsaad_ profile image
    marybelsaad_ 4 years ago

    @youstinaspams this low key reminds me if andrew

  24. brandon_b214 profile image
    brandon_b214 4 years ago


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