1. ester_lamai 6 years ago

  2. carmelaofficial 6 years ago

    Why I’ve never been in a 1st comment but third !! Hey ur online love ya !!

  3. i.6hxp 6 years ago

    Love you .

  4. kr_rog 6 years ago

    Is Kyle using The Force to open your jacket

  5. jamrock18 6 years ago

    Dude! You’re stunning! #GorgeousKatja

  6. _sorayaa___ 6 years ago

    @katjaglieson ️

  7. grimaldi1997 6 years ago

    Why you so fine @katjaglieson

  8. carolrueda30 6 years ago

    Take 1″Lights Camera Action! lol!! Good day idol @katjaglieson ilysm

  9. friendscompany 6 years ago


  10. official.slothfreak_ 6 years ago

    YOU TELL HIM @katjaglieson stay sloth my sloth queen

  11. bubbasmiley2 6 years ago

    AAAAHHH!! I always knew you were a super hero!!

  12. thechancetrahan 6 years ago

    Hey Katja, you are so amazing, and I bet you’re even more amazing on film!!! Get it!!!!

  13. lici_alicia_ 6 years ago

    Super hero katja to the rescue she’s been hiding her powers so we would know

  14. Such a great photo!!!

  15. kirknewmann 6 years ago

    Really nice

  16. far_deeny 6 years ago

    This why i say Girl Power @katjaglieson 🙂

  17. electra_eric1 6 years ago

    girl power

  18. trevonemystery 6 years ago


  19. trevonemystery 6 years ago

    love you

  20. robertr1967 6 years ago

    Kyle Rowling of @actionactingacadmy vs #SpecialAgent Miss Kitty aka @KatjaGlieson of #TerminiumCity

  21. emmajuutinen 6 years ago

    Love you

  22. Power full photo

  23. aura_shannon27 6 years ago


  24. mehmet.y.l.d.r.m 6 years ago

    Very very beautiful @katjaglieson

  25. wiktor.bielski._ 6 years ago

    Show boobs

  26. nabilmyron 6 years ago

    Steven Seg’dayal mate

  27. spiritwolves1 6 years ago

    Slayyyyy girl! @katjaglieson

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