1. dq_the_man profile image
    dq_the_man 5 years ago

    @katjaglieson I love that you and @amandacerny have the natural makeup on for this shoot. I’m no makeup expert but I think that’s my favorite ever. Looking so beautiful as always ladies.

  2. parisbeacome profile image
    parisbeacome 5 years ago

    You are both such beautiful girls and I hope to visit Cali and meet you.

  3. kalebsalzman profile image
    kalebsalzman 5 years ago

    @katjaglieson hitttttt that follllllow buttttton!!

  4. electra_eric1 profile image
    electra_eric1 5 years ago

    You make my day everyday

  5. electra_eric1 profile image
    electra_eric1 5 years ago

    But if you dm me hi it would be a dream come true please but I understand if you don’t want to

  6. iojeeeeeeee_____ profile image
    iojeeeeeeee_____ 5 years ago


  7. official.slothfreak profile image
    official.slothfreak 5 years ago

    My top thing on my bucket list us to meet both of you guys. And also to have a pet slot @katjaglieson LOVE YOU

  8. enesozdmrofficial profile image
    enesozdmrofficial 5 years ago

    Wow like

  9. allmybabie profile image
    allmybabie 5 years ago


  10. rizenraven profile image
    rizenraven 5 years ago

    Model goals

  11. floooxn profile image
    floooxn 5 years ago

    You Looks so cool

  12. emre.1910x profile image
    emre.1910x 5 years ago

    İnsan mısın bee @amandacerny

  13. heatherhol101 profile image
    heatherhol101 5 years ago

    It’s my birthday

  14. jisilv profile image
    jisilv 5 years ago


  15. nikolaysocenko profile image
    nikolaysocenko 5 years ago


  16. jlouise_.early profile image
    jlouise_.early 5 years ago

    u r the best / gorgeous @katjaglieson

  17. emmajuutinen profile image
    emmajuutinen 5 years ago

    You are Perfect

  18. ngi5 profile image
    ngi5 5 years ago


  19. _itzshane profile image
    _itzshane 5 years ago

    Making Australia proud

  20. erzamlinaku profile image
    erzamlinaku 5 years ago

    Omg so freaking cutee

  21. its_ilija_bros profile image
    its_ilija_bros 5 years ago


  22. daniel.he3 profile image
    daniel.he3 5 years ago

    HAPPY STRAYA DAY even though you’re 1 day behind!

  23. nickfoshos profile image
    nickfoshos 5 years ago

    Lord why

  24. _jbball202104_ profile image
    _jbball202104_ 5 years ago

    I’d make a weird face when people tell me to smile more

  25. the_grand_ma_ profile image
    the_grand_ma_ 5 years ago

    Why so serious?

  26. shazleenashareef profile image
    shazleenashareef 5 years ago

    man i wish i was hot like dem

  27. miaandjayden1 profile image
    miaandjayden1 5 years ago

    Luv u girls

  28. roycerendon profile image
    roycerendon 5 years ago


  29. kirknewmann profile image
    kirknewmann 5 years ago


  30. mdcg_ profile image
    mdcg_ 5 years ago

    My favorite two people in the world keep it up with those funny sketches

  31. piotrowskapaulina profile image
    piotrowskapaulina 5 years ago

    Great picture

  32. davideaster05 profile image
    davideaster05 5 years ago

    I see 2 very beautiful and gorgeous looking ladies here together

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