Merry Christmas from Katja & Kestra! Enjoy the Katja & Kestra Christmas Medley #KKCM! Download the song from here:
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Includes the songs:
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
White Christmas
Jingle Bell Rock
Santa Claus is Coming to Town

  1. xiteddybear 9 years ago

    The princess rap battle actually led me to you but my, you have an
    absolutely beautiful voice. Looking forward to hearing more of you!

  2. Leo pold 9 years ago

    Just feel in love with you Katja, you have wonderful voice

  3. Hanna Calib 9 years ago

    PERFECTION!!! I just first saw you at the Princess Rap Battle,and I
    actually got impressed by you and so i searched you to the net to see more
    of your amazing videos and once ive found this,ive became a huge fan ^_^
    You have an angelic voice and face plus your personality is great haha,and
    cute dog~ so fluffy ♡ ㅅ ♡ haha grest videos by the way,you deserve more
    views and you shall soon be discovered 🙂 I hope you can visit in our
    country someday,Fan here from the PHILIPPINES! ^-^

  4. Mannsion Kim 9 years ago

    Just get to know yea katja, u r awesome! U hv a beautiful voice n u looks
    gorgeuos 🙂 i start to love ya! Will share this xmas song in nx xmas. Well

  5. Lorenzo Tanyag 9 years ago

    uhmm i actually don’t comment alot on youtube videos but in this video i
    just have to it’s just so good…you really have a good voice and i’m a boy
    and im not afraid to say that i really love your voice!!!when i first saw
    you at princess rap battle i know i have to watch your videos and then
    again i was amazed…keep up the good work and wish all the best and hope
    to see and hear more of that amazing voice and that very beautiful face of
    yours hahaha LOL

  6. Anna Tien 9 years ago

    U look so pretty

  7. Keltic Sage 9 years ago

    Unbelievably beautiful

  8. Mara Saturio Cordero 9 years ago

    Wow! You have an amazing voice!! Im going to subscribe to your channel 🙂

  9. Luca Montana 9 years ago

    I sure wish I could be that dog…

  10. Fray Caddeo 9 years ago

    Ogni video che vedo,non trovo difetti ma solo aspetti positivi…sei
    perfetta in tutto…continua così…

  11. Crazy Funny Cats 9 years ago

    Not many voices make me melt

  12. Hannahricciisbanana 9 years ago

    You look like a barbie @.@ you are so pretty and your voice! wow, never
    expected that! powerful and strong! awesome 😀

  13. ju-young LEE 9 years ago

    Your voice & visual amazing!! This mix medley is awesome!

  14. Angelica SAN JUAN 9 years ago

    you got a face of an angel 🙂 very beautiful 🙂

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