Official Music Video for Katja Glieson’s ‘Look At Us’
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Elsa – Katja
The Queen – Ongina
Kristoff – Zedakiah

Princesses (Dancers):
Anna – Kelianne
Tiana – Danielle
Ariel – Mikki
Esmerelda – Alana
Jasmine – Natalie http://nataliejoydance.com
Megara – Ash Fizz

Special Guests
Fairy Godmother – Glory
Li Shang – Jovver
Prince Jeeki – Chris
Prince Naveen – Yung Day-Day

Clothing Sponsor
Showpo http://www.iloveshowpo.com

Stage This LA
Electro Lighting
WhiteChapel Estate
Third Eye Film Works
The World Networks

Director Christian Strickland
Executive Producer Ben Jackson
Music Producer Mike Gonsolin
Writer Nick Nittoli
Choreographer Jovver Fortuno
Assistant Director/Producer Jared Lundy
Production Designer Rebekah Estey
Director of Photography Justin McAleece
Assistant Camera Zach Hunter
Gaffer Ian McAleece
Key Grip Roy Leon
Swing Grip Jeremy Owen
BTS Video/Editor Victor Hernandez http://www.leftrightcreations.com
Colorist Luis Silva
Make-Up Artist Christina Delfino
Make-Up Artist Marina Estrella
Hair Ariana
Wardrobe Stylist Kaori Asoshina
Katja’s Personal Assistant Ciara Lee
Production Assistant Nygle Gillett
Production Assistant/Playback Andrew Fairchild

pre chorus
Please put your hands
Together when you’re ready for me
I’ll be the one
Thats waving as you’re all on your feet
I see the sun
Coming up as you’re ready to leave
You know we gonna make em stop
(Trend Def)
And look at us

I don’t blame you
For not knowing I’m the life of the party
We gone do it like its
1989 and I’m bout it
Bang away 808
Let it go and get started
Let it come and drop

pre chorus

Stop and look at us
You know we gonna make em stop
And look at us
We see em hatin when they stop
And look at us
You know we gonna make em stop
And look at us
Look look look at us

Legs lips the whole damn package
A slim waist and a real phat ass kid
Hotter than a matchstick
Tell me whos the baddest
Uh huh uh huh
How ya gonna match this
You aint nothing but a (but a) fraction
But you want some action
All the way in the back kid
Talking that smack bitch put your hand together
Let me see you clap
Let me see you clap

pre chorus

Take me there all the way
Make my body go insane
We don’t have to stop here
We can do this all night
Take me there all the way
Make my body go insane
We don’t have to stop here
We can do this all night

pre chorus

  1. alan wilks 9 years ago

    Love the new song and video Katja, you look and sound as breathtaking as

  2. Caitlin Nelson 9 years ago

    My friend @lilcarts21(twitter) sent me here. I’m so glad she did I’ve been
    watching all you videos. New fan here. 🙂

  3. leanne nice 9 years ago

    Such a great song really catchy I absolutely love it xx

  4. bossb510 9 years ago

    xAshLovesRain sent me here 🙂

  5. Ashley Borg 9 years ago

    I have this song on constant repeat. I love it so much. ❤

  6. BriannaMarieJohnson 9 years ago


  7. boleyboogs 9 years ago

    Love your latest song Katja!!! You are very talented and can’t wait to hear
    more of your music!!! You look gorgeous xxxx

  8. Afey Waffles 9 years ago

    xAshLovesRain sent me here.

  9. Alexa Heller 9 years ago

    I liked the video. Paul Poling sent me

  10. Chad Wild Clay 9 years ago

    Very catchy song and super fun video +Katja Glieson! And it was released on
    my birthday! I found this via the Iggy parody released today.

  11. Micah Simpson 9 years ago

    I miss Hot Mess, but this is pretty great. Keep doing what youre doing and
    i’ll be happy to keep recommending your music.

  12. iwantmylauren 9 years ago

    Love this video awesome job!

  13. SuperCardGuy 9 years ago

    @kdsweets sent me

  14. Steve Quadri 9 years ago

    Her style is like a 90’s barbie doll…

  15. Danica DeCosto 9 years ago

    Love it! And I love your dog’s cameo too!

  16. Emily Sully 9 years ago

    This is amazing! Really hope you come and do a tour across australia! Ill
    be first in line for tickets. U r awesome!

  17. Trollzous 9 years ago

    i still love you

  18. Lexie's woozworld productions 9 years ago

    She reminds me of Elsa. from frozen.. I hate frozen but anyway..

  19. Gary1q2 9 years ago

    omg its elsa

  20. craig matyk 9 years ago

    Katja is an impeccable singer and songwriter and will be on top of the

  21. Beanie Boos 9 years ago

    690 like

  22. Livia Clarke 9 years ago

    Obsessed with this song Katja! It’s really good and catchy!

  23. cowgirlhowdy26 9 years ago

    Thank you for this song being in a youtube ad cause after hearing the first
    5 seconds of it I was drawn into the song

  24. Fantasia Jones 9 years ago

    +Katja Glieson I Absolutely Love This Song It’s Stuck In My Head Now!!!!!
    <3 Love It!

  25. Teacup Stain 9 years ago

    I have a startling urge to jump around and scream as if I’m at an actual
    concert. Congratulations, Ms. Katja Glieson, you have succeeded in
    engraving this song into my brain. I applaud and dance. Keep being awesome.

  26. My randomness!!! 9 years ago

    I want to learn the dance to this is there a video of just the dance
    routine possibly?

  27. Alana Hunt 9 years ago

    YESSSS!!!! <3

  28. Shaun Tanner 9 years ago

    There are some haters in here that feel their comments are important, being
    vile is NEVER ok. Katja is about empowering one another and so much more. I
    for one won’t stand for haters who cannot at least provide some sort of
    constructive criticism. Yeh yeh you have freedom of speech and entitled to
    your opinion. Good for you. You DO NOT have the right to attack someone and
    bully them.

  29. Linda Tran 9 years ago


  30. Peggie Holmen 9 years ago

    My fav song right now <3

  31. Lexy Santos 9 years ago

    Like if you went to this video after watching the Princess Rap Battle for
    Snow White and Elsa

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