Behind the Scenes of Katja Glieson’s Look At Us Music Video Shoot with Ongina and Zedakiah
Watch the official music video here:
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Elsa – Katja
The Queen – Ongina
Kristoff – Zedakiah

Princesses (Dancers):
Anna – Kelianne
Tiana – Danielle
Ariel – Mikki
Esmerelda – Alana
Jasmine – Natalie http://nataliejoydance.com
Megara – Ash Fizz

Special Guests
Fairy Godmother – Glory
Li Shang – Jovver
Prince Jeeki – Chris
Prince Naveen – Yung Day-Day

Clothing Sponsor
Showpo http://www.iloveshowpo.com

Stage This LA
Electro Lighting
WhiteChapel Estate
Third Eye Film Works
The World Networks

Director Christian Strickland
Executive Producer Ben Jackson
Music Producer Mike Gonsolin
Writer Nick Nittoli
Choreographer Jovver Fortuno
Assistant Director/Producer Jared Lundy
Production Designer Rebekah Estey
Director of Photography Justin McAleece
Assistant Camera Zach Hunter
Gaffer Ian McAleece
Key Grip Roy Leon
Swing Grip Jeremy Owen
BTS Video/Editor Victor Hernandez http://www.leftrightcreations.com
Colorist Luis Silva
Make-Up Artist Christina Delfino
Make-Up Artist Marina Estrella
Hair Ariana
Wardrobe Stylist Kaori Asoshina
Katja’s Manager Michelle Parimore
Photographer Nikki Parimore
Production Manager Branden Meck
Publicist Carole Lowe
Katja’s Personal Assistant Ciara Lee
Production Assistant Nygle Gillett
Production Assistant/Playback Andrew Fairchild

  1. Russell 9 years ago

    I am glad that you explained the why behind the “Look At Us” video. It has a great message of independence, especially among women, and how they they can be what they want to be. You just want other people to know that you are out there, and that everyone is worth something. It is also great that you include the people that are closest to you. You should always be yourself because there will always be people that will not like certain things, and you should just worry about you. As always you have the anti-bully message, which I am always glad to hear. That voice at the end is interesting and puts a smile on my face.

  2. Kendra Kitchin 9 years ago

    I love this behind the scenes the fun and energy love it

  3. Claudia Liddell 9 years ago

    You’re identical to Elsa! And you have a beautiful Samoyed, you’re
    fabulous! (๑≧∇≦)و✧

  4. TimG 9 years ago


  5. LPS winter 9 years ago

    amazing :3

  6. Ashley Fields 9 years ago


  7. Jacqui Martin 9 years ago

    Katja is such a babe. Love listening to her talk. So cute 🙂

  8. Robert Rossi 9 years ago

    Katja’s “Look At Us – Behind The Scenes” video is entertaining and
    informative. The video allows one to meet everyone involved in the video.
    That is fantastic.

  9. Presley McKay 9 years ago

    awesomeness lol I love you so much!!!!!!

  10. Mary Spence 9 years ago

    looks like so much fun

  11. Philip Oogleboogle 9 years ago

    Cool, it looked like lots of fun!!!

  12. boleyboogs 9 years ago

    Loved watching this!!

  13. marchristiansen 9 years ago

    Surround yourself with greatness.Positive people and good vibes.Katja does
    it again.Great song.

  14. ღbritanyღ msp 9 years ago

    ilove the song♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  15. Methos Films 9 years ago

    my fav part of u katja is that u are so down to earth. i can feel it in
    your words. u are very decent and i love it. never change. i love it that u
    got youtubers to join u on the video

  16. Red 9 years ago

    I like the idea behind the video. What a great message. And the essence of
    those princesses reminds me of one slammin’ Elsa!

  17. Sequins Sparkles 9 years ago

    Omg it’s Elsa

  18. kristyjade10 9 years ago

    I loooove watching how much fun you had making this amazing music video.
    I’d give anything to be apart of such a beautiful and powerful message to
    people. I look forward to more videos from such a talented and inspiring
    young artist.

  19. Julie Nguyen 9 years ago

    That’s a cute dog

  20. dexter 34 9 years ago

    i cant believe that you were bullied you are not seem a person who used to
    bullied . and i do not talk about the looks only .

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