1. izaihpaponette 6 years ago

    Oh my god

  2. paupol51 6 years ago

    So cute

  3. cookiemonsterhere6 6 years ago

    Your fine DM me yo face time

  4. izaihpaponette 6 years ago

    I need annika in my life rn @katjaglieson give her to me!!!

  5. electra_eric1 6 years ago

    So cute

  6. shivythesuperdholi 6 years ago

    Happy National Puppy Day Annika! @annikasamoyed @katjaglieson

  7. official.slothfreak_ 6 years ago

    This picture warms my heart @katjaglieson

  8. bubbasmiley2 6 years ago

    Aww! love this pic!! I know my friends @marisabramwell @mcnuggetsaway & @judytjp are doggy people!

  9. steve.modica1 6 years ago

    Happy #NationalPuppyDay ! @annikasamoyed @katjaglieson Beautiful picture of you guys.

  10. skippy.roo 6 years ago


  11. shelby960731 6 years ago


  12. amandacernyp 6 years ago

    Beautiful @katjaglieson follow me @amandacerny does not follow me anymore.

  13. love you both! my friends @ajax_the_samoyed @its_samoyedsimba @arcticsamoyeds are doggy people!

  14. shelby960731 6 years ago

    @maryann.murphy3 @annikasamoyed @KatjaGlieson

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