#ComeThru what’s ur fav part in the music video? Youtube.com/missamandacerny

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  1. heathledger15 5 years ago

    Karna plzzzzzz follow me

  2. lovertessabrooks 5 years ago


  3. heathledger15 5 years ago


  4. hayley_florez 5 years ago


  5. hayley_florez 5 years ago

    i love youuu

  6. ch3ly1991 5 years ago


  7. heathledger15 5 years ago

    I am your big fan plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz follow me

  8. emma_strate8 5 years ago


  9. michael_14m.s 5 years ago

    So beautiful

  10. kemal_.1907 5 years ago

    Owww wawwww

  11. larkin.manthey 5 years ago

    Hi!! 123 like :D!

  12. bubbasmiley2 5 years ago

    LOVE!!! My fav part is your song!!!

  13. The story, builds through the video, but secretly…Justin stealing the chandelier has be a top 3 moment!

  14. All of it!!

  15. alcione92 5 years ago

    You’re so gorgeous

  16. janaaaa.z 5 years ago

    I love your dancing, it was amazing and u looked so pretty

  17. @annikasamoyed she a superstar!

  18. happy_birdy_16 5 years ago

    The part when you start dancing

  19. angelesquivel2695 5 years ago


  20. stupidnazaa 5 years ago

    That girrrllll!!!

  21. official.king.alex 5 years ago

    Slay baby girl

  22. _cookie_monster_7 5 years ago

    Your singing, you have a voice similar to Madonna’s

  23. sarallouche 5 years ago

    Everythangggg!! Love You so so much @katjaglieson, You and @amandacerny are true inspirations and role models to me.. keep up the amazing work and can’t wait for more ️

  24. thefloridaboy 5 years ago

    Da part wit u

  25. rly.txliaa 5 years ago


  26. its.amandacerny 5 years ago

    My favourite part is when @erikacostell get to know the reality and your face was coming again and again in between singing #Comethru…. Was a great feeling

  27. lessy770 5 years ago

    Everything I love this song ️️️️️️

  28. lici_aliciaa 5 years ago

    I don’t have a paaart I LOVED IIIT ALL AND I LOVE YA

  29. josephhuizar 5 years ago

    When Bach is singing and when it show Amanda setting up the room for Jake.

  30. paris.kar 5 years ago

    The entire song

  31. samnajafian79 5 years ago


  32. victor_sedan 5 years ago


  33. Robert 5 years ago

    #ComeThru is 5 beating hearts of love between the ears , Katja :-* There is a tie for my favorite part : AnnikaSamoyed is on the bed with her toy, and the dance scene featuring you, marvelous darling , @KatjaGlieson ; @KelianneStankus and Danielle , @i.am.undaunted with special mention for @KiingBach .

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