1. kittykatja.fan profile image
    kittykatja.fan 4 years ago

    @justinroberts44 He’s so cute

  2. forcverhoes profile image
    forcverhoes 4 years ago


  3. hunkies66 profile image
    hunkies66 4 years ago

    Hehe. Good one

  4. mariorodriguez1569 profile image
    mariorodriguez1569 4 years ago

    I like his shirt Jake poul

  5. emmpotato profile image
    emmpotato 4 years ago

    She is literally lagoona blue from monster high like what

  6. sarai_jp profile image
    sarai_jp 4 years ago

    @emmpotato OMG YUS

  7. azmelia_caroline7164 profile image
    azmelia_caroline7164 4 years ago

    What a good friend!!

  8. lian_tareq profile image
    lian_tareq 4 years ago

    @beckydobre224 always plug

  9. alexisw100 profile image
    alexisw100 4 years ago

    Is that @jakepaul merch

  10. farooqedu867 profile image
    farooqedu867 4 years ago


  11. imtiaz_ghumman profile image
    imtiaz_ghumman 4 years ago

    Hello baby

  12. _sophiageorgiou_ profile image
    _sophiageorgiou_ 4 years ago


  13. alissa_138 profile image
    alissa_138 4 years ago

    he said “what”

  14. kalpe9097 profile image
    kalpe9097 4 years ago

    So wainager

  15. wajdturki profile image
    wajdturki 4 years ago

    @ahdtu @ruba8_ ماتنعطى وجه

  16. ahdtu profile image
    ahdtu 4 years ago

    @wajdturki مافهمت

  17. animallover_0329 profile image
    animallover_0329 4 years ago

    Is he wearing the @jakepaul merch yasss

  18. pieper.spamzz profile image
    pieper.spamzz 4 years ago

    merch though @avahentschell

  19. imamatmartoshania profile image
    imamatmartoshania 4 years ago

    He’s wearin jakey Merch aww…. @justinroberts44

  20. sara_gros profile image
    sara_gros 4 years ago

    @nikitapodmore @kianiraklander this would so be me

  21. mohsen_fff profile image
    mohsen_fff 4 years ago


  22. brvadyy.m profile image
    brvadyy.m 4 years ago

    My boy wearing Jakes merch

  23. ayushmittal30 profile image
    ayushmittal30 4 years ago

    it’s best

  24. kkkarrriii profile image
    kkkarrriii 4 years ago

    @luiizekuzmina taa kaa es tev

  25. gabbagurlll profile image
    gabbagurlll 4 years ago

    Jake’s merch tho

  26. pamelaassaf profile image
    pamelaassaf 4 years ago

    I should’ve done that to you @samerjfarah

  27. samerjfarah profile image
    samerjfarah 4 years ago

    @pamelaassaf Ahahahahahahahahahah

  28. armansafaeayan2097 profile image
    armansafaeayan2097 4 years ago

    you friends are most self-taught talented actor and actress

  29. miac143 profile image
    miac143 4 years ago

    I don’t think she understood@what he meant

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