1. zosiaa.karbowiak profile image
    zosiaa.karbowiak 4 years ago

    @krystiana.grabowska to ty

  2. tuulitiiaaa_ profile image
    tuulitiiaaa_ 4 years ago

    @jennahelenaa_2 täs me ku kävin ikeas

  3. 6fake6liar6 profile image
    6fake6liar6 4 years ago

    why u doin that ?

  4. petra.kljaic profile image
    petra.kljaic 4 years ago

    @kos_dora bez problema

  5. r.booth_43 profile image
    r.booth_43 4 years ago

    Ikea life

  6. josephd949 profile image
    josephd949 4 years ago


  7. rabbitchops profile image
    rabbitchops 4 years ago

    29hrs later…..

  8. _its_simon profile image
    _its_simon 4 years ago

    that’s me and I’m a lefty too

  9. maryannmurphy250373 profile image
    maryannmurphy250373 4 years ago

    Hmmmmm funny hehehe

  10. therealhadeal profile image
    therealhadeal 4 years ago

    Why does she look so much like @violetbens0n

  11. annikadimitrijevich profile image
    annikadimitrijevich 4 years ago

    So relatable

  12. defendinglarry_ziall profile image
    defendinglarry_ziall 4 years ago

    If you look closely at the paper, you can see Harry Styles written on it.

  13. emmajuutinen profile image
    emmajuutinen 4 years ago


  14. rac.kno profile image
    rac.kno 4 years ago

    IKEA be like

  15. annagregory5294 profile image
    annagregory5294 4 years ago

    you’re so funny

  16. mimac2571 profile image
    mimac2571 4 years ago

    Plz respond to my d’ms sorry to be annoying I just love u sooo much!!!!!!!!! Ur truly amazing and beautiful and a fantastic singer !

  17. levi_hendriksen profile image
    levi_hendriksen 4 years ago

    i thougt se was going to comit suicide

  18. _nbadawi_ profile image
    _nbadawi_ 4 years ago


  19. 10lly8ear profile image
    10lly8ear 4 years ago

    I could do dat by myself coz I do a lot of things by myself by myself

  20. ogb2006 profile image
    ogb2006 4 years ago

    My dad

  21. sudaysi_boss profile image
    sudaysi_boss 4 years ago

    Yes @kamal_s.123 @ahmed.as7

  22. crystaldalyvlog profile image
    crystaldalyvlog 4 years ago

    Very inspiring haha

  23. christinajoann8 profile image
    christinajoann8 4 years ago

    @jennisomers #datdrilltho

  24. mad_griffin.05 profile image
    mad_griffin.05 4 years ago

    @mikayla.maree02 this is so me and holly trying to build

  25. mikayla.maree02 profile image
    mikayla.maree02 4 years ago

    @mad_griffin.05 that is so you guys

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