Fight training day 1 w/ @amandacerny who’s a part time action hero! Thank u Capt #KyleRowling @actionactingacademy & #vanaheimstudios can’t wait 2 do more! #amandacerny #katjaglieson

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  1. conner9247 profile image
    conner9247 5 years ago

    Soo funny

  2. saksjosh profile image
    saksjosh 5 years ago

    Ok that’s very cool

  3. liamhalls__ profile image
    liamhalls__ 5 years ago


  4. every1sfavblckguy420 profile image
    every1sfavblckguy420 5 years ago

    Good fight but you’re reactions don’t fit it

  5. troyboy92545 profile image
    troyboy92545 5 years ago

    Keep up the good work

  6. shanelles.priv profile image
    shanelles.priv 5 years ago


  7. shanelles.priv profile image
    shanelles.priv 5 years ago


  8. ahmad_zayed profile image
    ahmad_zayed 5 years ago


  9. dq_the_man profile image
    dq_the_man 5 years ago

    @katjaglieson Did @amandacerny just really hit your face?! Are you ok?!

  10. samet.yd profile image
    samet.yd 5 years ago


  11. 50_stars_13_stripes_ profile image
    50_stars_13_stripes_ 5 years ago

    You guys should stop doing this and join a Gracie academy for Brazilian jiu jitsu or MMA or Krav Maga

  12. anarankovic10 profile image
    anarankovic10 5 years ago

    I live you soo much it’s so cool that you are following me you are my role model I love you

  13. nikaabuhayenko profile image
    nikaabuhayenko 5 years ago

    @saritahv_ @aidaglezz tan escuchando reggaeton leeeeeento

  14. saritahv_ profile image
    saritahv_ 5 years ago

    Y eso que no lo entienden, soy aida @nikaabuhayenko

  15. frizkamariza profile image
    frizkamariza 5 years ago

    Love it

  16. nate_doggaming profile image
    nate_doggaming 5 years ago

    Look like ur dancing near the start

  17. talent_home profile image
    talent_home 5 years ago

    I love this i love both

  18. gabrielitaa663 profile image
    gabrielitaa663 5 years ago

    Listening regueton lento good chice

  19. its_ilija_bros profile image
    its_ilija_bros 5 years ago

    Haha, since when did Amanda become friends with an Aussie?

  20. dani_14.1d profile image
    dani_14.1d 5 years ago

    Fondo Reggaeton Lento

  21. lissaheart profile image
    lissaheart 5 years ago

    You guys are amazing

  22. jenneanea08 profile image
    jenneanea08 5 years ago

    OMG I LOVE THAT SONG!! But u guys did amazing!

  23. x.mowhamad profile image
    x.mowhamad 5 years ago

    @n.ghe مام تو باشگا مبارزه میکنیم

  24. vincentcorver profile image
    vincentcorver 5 years ago

    So cool this dear!

  25. jcz250 profile image
    jcz250 5 years ago

    you do know that mma/ krav maga are derived from other arts right? Krav Maga’s techniques are found in other martial arts and MMA just stands for mixed martial arts and at this point are geared for sport with a ton of rules in place vs street situations.

  26. m0ster_mitch3ll profile image
    m0ster_mitch3ll 5 years ago

    Guys this is so fake if you look real closely there not hitting each other..

  27. sofiaarzuaga profile image
    sofiaarzuaga 5 years ago

    no mames ya tenemos mas pasos @ivanarivera gracias bb @majosanchezs

  28. __lindseyjensen__ profile image
    __lindseyjensen__ 5 years ago

    @m0ster_mitch3ll it’s supposed to be fake

  29. lucylamberti_ profile image
    lucylamberti_ 5 years ago

    La cancion de cnco de fondo we

  30. eduardofrizi profile image
    eduardofrizi 5 years ago


  31. bobmm1233 profile image
    bobmm1233 5 years ago


  32. _pari.nak_ profile image
    _pari.nak_ 4 years ago

    @parinaz__2003 ashnas karashun

  33. juxe_rix profile image
    juxe_rix 4 years ago

    Close ur eyes and listen to it …does not sound family frendly

  34. theleftovers0 profile image
    theleftovers0 4 years ago

    Nice moves ladies

  35. thiia_14 profile image
    thiia_14 4 years ago

    Ayo gelot @nniillaa26

  36. nilahaning profile image
    nilahaning 4 years ago

    @thiia_14 tk dupak sekarat

  37. _s_dedo profile image
    _s_dedo 4 years ago


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