Fun fact: used coffee grounds are a great way to make yourself look dirty! Mix it with sugar and coconut oil and u have a fantastic skin exfoliant! @lourdesgabrielalopez @themegscahill @tiffanydunnmusic @thetomleigh @yoninadav

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  1. vere_koops 7 years ago

    You are sooo funny I love you soooo much️️

  2. tw05024 7 years ago


  3. christos_papadop 7 years ago


  4. thompstoneflo 7 years ago

    @floscordinoxo the girl at party the other day , identical

  5. floscordinoxo 7 years ago

    @thompstoneflo Flo this is a viner

  6. joaoamfilipe 7 years ago


  7. williestewart5745 7 years ago

    you are funny.

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