Juice Fast (Tag a friend who says they wanna go on one) @travbeachboy @benjackson1111 #summer #bikinimodel #juice #comedy

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  1. cherokeegreen21 5 years ago

    Yay Hair Fries…LOL

  2. phillipfunky 5 years ago

    Wham bam funny I am Australian @katjaglieson

  3. thirstyforemilio 5 years ago

    All lies bahahah that part had me dead

  4. fau_vn 5 years ago

    @babuuu____ если бы я была на диете

  5. joe52.5.9 5 years ago


  6. verinpromotions 5 years ago

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  7. honeycuee 5 years ago

    @elenaangelkova @mynamegigii @ooohnananana when we start our diets

  8. mynamegigii 5 years ago


  9. ooohnananana 5 years ago

    @honeycuee literally rollingggg

  10. chrissirose23 5 years ago


  11. valmathers 5 years ago


  12. emi5110 5 years ago

    @lucymerrigan omg cute

  13. amberrk_ 5 years ago

    Dying @ ALL LIES @lisanicoleorr243

  14. amirooaln 5 years ago

    لایک اگر می خوای خیلی سریع لاغر شی به پیج ما سر بزن

  15. dr.jalili20 5 years ago


  16. kristinlarssons 5 years ago

    @karolindholm @alexandrasanden jag just nu

  17. karolindholm 5 years ago

    @kristinlarssons man längtar ju alltid tills det är över

  18. sahara_salad 5 years ago


  19. _angelinamaz 5 years ago

    @julia.panzavecchia AHHHHH

  20. julia.panzavecchia 5 years ago

    @_angelinamaz wth

  21. glow885857 5 years ago

    @blackdragon_2000 hahhahahahahahahahahaaha

  22. taner4.8 5 years ago


  23. luizaxstella 5 years ago

    I am obsessed with your accent

  24. luizaxstella 5 years ago

    @oliviabradley06 yes can’t you tell the accent?

  25. xaviera.adeline 5 years ago


  26. xivgb 5 years ago
  27. yoitsmermaid 5 years ago

    Omg love this

  28. montana_lele_hannah 5 years ago

    BTW still obsessed with come thu ️️

  29. abryiajohnson 5 years ago

    What’s your YouTube channel

  30. monserratcortesg_ 5 years ago

    @eliesserpp30 yo

  31. kylie_azbill 5 years ago

    “I’m officially scared”

  32. lilith.ackles 5 years ago

    @setayesh5641 like me and u

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