Happy Monday!!! I started a lil vlog channel #KatjaGliesonVlogs (link in bio)

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From Katja’s Instagram Profile

  1. meptba 6 years ago

    @tvoy_idol___ ага, я понимаю, зачем ей пирсинг в языке)))0

  2. tvoy_idol___ 6 years ago

    @meptba и зачем же?)

  3. sir_lanceabit 6 years ago


  4. omgggitsviv 6 years ago

    Her singing voice is so good @taylor_joyyy

  5. lolita.haddad 6 years ago

    Ur voice

  6. _alinasiri 6 years ago


  7. dantzauri15 6 years ago


  8. darshhood 6 years ago


  9. malaikaay 6 years ago

    Her voice!! @zainab_.cr7

  10. bradly_kottke 6 years ago

    @b_h4nd this is your dream girl!

  11. _josegabriel12 6 years ago

    @edgar2194 shekea la mesa

  12. charlottegkennedy 6 years ago

    Pretty voice

  13. vishi24 6 years ago

    @maddieblumfeldt found bic’s doppelgänger

  14. zoey.nh 6 years ago

    @huynhtrughieu khuyên lưỡiiii

  15. michaeldabosssharon 6 years ago

    What a cutie I love that accent

  16. charles_mjr 6 years ago

    That vooooooooice

  17. jesusg194 6 years ago

    Such a cutie pie! ️

  18. jeffdabest222 6 years ago

    High quality

  19. james_c1975 6 years ago

    Katja when you sing it brings a tear to my eyes and a chill up my spine.. you’re truly amazing

  20. sofiane_sahouli 6 years ago

    @ayyoubdel imagine mon visage en regardant cette beauté

  21. ayyoubdel 6 years ago

    @sofiane_sahouli c a tn tour dimaginé mn visage mnt :'(

  22. qdrippin 6 years ago

    That’s was perfect.

  23. soccer_player555 6 years ago

    U have such a beautiful voice

  24. amir__mahmoodiiii 6 years ago

    @katjaglieson your awseome babe -love your lovely face

  25. minadinekli 6 years ago

    OMG!! Your voice

  26. moqpqp 6 years ago
  27. ya_imthatguy 6 years ago

    Your beautiful

  28. boone7713 6 years ago

    Love ur singing

  29. lisawwlimyahoocom 6 years ago

    Love hearing you sing your voice is Angelic

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